Nothing but needle felt

I feel I ought to make some kind of apology for my blog being about very little but needle felt - however, that is what my life mainly consists of. I don't go out, don't do the cinema/eating out/shopping/concerts/whatever most people do. I tend to stay in my overcrowded room working and hope to earn a bob or two along the way. I did manage to update my shop recently and have stock for the first time ever. Sparrow Hill Cottage was snapped up within seconds though.

I have
two teeny tiny toadstools left, gift boxed and tagged - and am happy to add clips at no extra charge, for pegging onto trees and wotnot.

My new fox and polar bear brooches were also bought at once, so I'm offering them again as custom orders, with a four day lead time, each one taking a day to make.

Nobody loves my
crow brooch! Andy hates it. Maybe he's right.

I have four robins up for grabs -

- and just two
Silver Pine danglies left -

And for the first time in two years, I have desk top calendars, at the same price as they were two years ago.

None of these things are as desirable to most people as a Kindle, an iPad; or a new pair of fashionable shoes, (none of which I possess). I like to think that they will last a lot longer and are a heck of a lot cheaper as well as being 100% handmade.


jfidz said...

Hi Gretel,
Beautiful work as always.
Just a thought - could you add an outer layer onto the crow's beak and make it into a toucan or such?
It might then appeal to Guinness lovers??

Jess said...

They will be precious gifts to the lucky owners. I love the slim silver tree dangly! I love the way you package your treasures too, it's all so beautiful. :)
Jess xx

BumbleVee said...

hahaha....I don't even own a cell phone Gretel....and definitely don't want one. Ever!
Your blog is perfect. Mine is supposed to be about bears and dolls....and half the time is just drivel... I need to make it more bear-y..... off to check out calendars....


Karen said...

Your wonderful,beautiful art is far more precious than any electronic thingie out there...and your blog, well as much!!
Never change it, that is why we love it so!!!!

Charlotte said...

Sorry what's a kindle? Can't afford apples (unless they are sweet and juicy and round). Not a follower of fashion either.

Just wish I earned enough to make purchase. I am sorry though, I am with Andy. The crow brooch as too much resemblance to medieval plague masks...
Happy Christmas
to you

Caroline B said...

Oh no! But I LOVE your crow brooch, what's not to like? One of the best pieces of art I saw in recent years was a mummified crow in a tiny sepulchre mounted on the wall..and I have my home-sewn crow hovering above the sofa in my living room. I'm sure he'll find someone to give him a good home.

Marzenciuk said...

Woow. Brooches are the best. I love fox :)

Anonymous said...

You can post about needlefelting every day, as far as I am concerned - I love your work so much!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Hello Gretel,
My beautiful Polar Bear brooch and my tiny toadstool arrived safe and sound...I Love Them!!!!!

Thank you for putting so much detail and hard work into your lovely creations. That is what makes them so special and collectable.

Enjoy the weekend

Janet xox

Scrapiana said...

Beautiful items, Gretel!

Laurel said...

Lovely pieces all! I don't own any of your needle felting but always feel that I can imagine their feel and heft very vividly--perhaps one day I will have something and know for sure :)

Poor crow. I certainly wouldn't hate him! On the other hand, while I know of course your pieces are made to your artistic vision and are more akin to illustrations than they are supposed to be realistic--still, for me, a crow absolutely must have a pointed beak. On the other hand, I really like another person's suggestion of making this one into a toucan! Maybe he has an inner, more vivid creature just waiting to be let out!

Puddock said...

Very excited to see that you are doing the calendar again! And I am also sure that the crow will find a happy home to go to :)

Aunt Jane's Attic said...

ooh the crow is so sweet, my daughter would love it. But everything is so lovely that you make and so is your blog, I dont go out either, only with the dog. Julie x

Claire said...

Hey Gretel you should never apologise for what you blog about as it's your living and besides it's your blog so you make the rules..........

Your toadstools are so sweet, love the combination of red, green and white with those little seed beads on them.

All your makes look so lovely packaged up ready to head off to their new homes where they will be loved and appreciated for the time effort and creativity that has gone into making them.

Claire :}

jerilanders said...

Well, I'm saving up my pennies for a Peggy or a Meggy. But how great that you can't keep up with orders, you have stock,yes, but it is snatched up pretty quickly! WHo cares about a Kindle, not I!

ellen said...

I would rather have your art living with me than any gadget. Each one of your creations has such spirit and soul.

FELT 'N' FUNKY said...

Absolutely beautiful work! So cute and a wonderfully quirky style. It's a shame that few people outside the crafty world (that I've come across) understand the time it takes to create needle-felted items, whether 3D or otherwise, nor understand why they cost what they do!
Happy needling!! :D

Anonymous said...

Your crations are wonderful especially love the toadstools.lots of love,xxx