Outside looking in

The wonderful thing about keeping a sketchbook is that you can tell it secrets that you would not tell anyone else. Whether anyone else understands what is inside, or even likes it, is neither here nor there.


Catherine Hayward said...

:-) I love the tower building, it's very intriguing. Always like your pencil drawings, they have a lovely texture to them.
Sketchbooks are visual diaries, really, aren't they? A way to take what's in your head and record it. My scribbles aren't so legible as yours though!

Struinkunst by Lisette said...

I love these!

Unknown said...

Love these peeks inside your sketchbook!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Hello Gretel,

I agree ...love peaking into your sketch book!!

janet xox

Tonia said...

Oh those sketches are lovely: wish the tower by the water was my own house!

Karen said...

thanks for letting us in- I like it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've just been sitting here scrolling back and forward between the two - they are both wonderful! You would have been impressed with a drawing I did last week for a party game. The answer was Charlie Dimmock - I drew a flower bed, a spade, and a little stick woman with big, bouncy ..... yes, my team guessed it right away!!

Cathy Holtom said...

The top one looks like it could be made of sand, very whimsical sketches...lovely!

Frances said...

Gretel, you are generous to share these sketchbook pages with us. Sometimes I think of my recently very neglected sketchbook as a sort of incubator of ideas that I might want to develop in one or another director.

And so, when I saw your first tower, like a prior commenter, thought of a sand castle, and then thought of it as a nest of sorts.

And then, the second tower had bird at its top and another bird inspecting the grounds.

You've reminded me to be more focused in my determination to put some graphite on a page or three or twenty of my own sketchbook.

Many thanks. xo

Vy said...

Dear Gretel!!
Merry Christmas from Brazil for you!
A big kiss! Vy

ellen said...

Oh, Dearest and Most Lovely Gretel..I don't have the lovely sketchbook, nor do I have the talent. But, what a wonder as always to see the beauty that you create.
I do tell myself secrets..outside to inside. They are just not as wonderful as yours.
Happiest and joyful filled Christmas to you and Andy, e.