Wanda the White

Although I have an ever growing toy order list, I try to sneak in a new design every so often and have been meaning to make a white mole ever since Milly appeared, who was bought by my friend Janet of 'The Empty Nest'.

Wanda too made her Etsy debut, but was only on stage for about a minute before being snapped up.

So she set off on the long journey to America, where so many of my little people end up, to join Milly.

And here they are, photo kindly nabbed from
Janet's blogpost, having tea in a most civilised manner. It's delightful to see them brought to life, though I do rather envy them, as I would love to sit down with a cup of tea and chat to Janet.


Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Dear Gretel,

I can't tell you how much I loved this! I have a huge smile on my face.

I only wish an alarm would sound in my home the moment you posted a new toy for sale...I would snap it up!

I seem to be building quite a lovely collection of "Gretel Parker Originals'

How fabulous is that???

Have a lovely week and big hello to Andy

janet xox

Frances said...

Gretel, it must be grand for you to know how much your delightful little tea-drinking moles are appreciated! Janet clearly understands and appreciates your unique artistry.

Thank you also for your visit and comment. xo

Louise Peers said...

Love love these moles !

BumbleVee said...

I'd love a cuppa with the girls too...especially in the sweet little pink and gold cup......

Twiglet said...

Another beautiful little character - lucky Janet!

Anonymous said...

Wanda is gorgeous! I love the photo of them having tea.

Gerry Snape said...

I wonder if Wanda will wander?

I should think she will!
sorry for silliness!!

verification is


Unknown said...

Gretel, Oh my days I LOOOOOVE wee Wanda n Milly. They are just too cute for words! And how wonderful that they enjoy a good cuppa too! Loves Ionwen X

Soozcat said...

What a lovely tea party. (Eloise would love to come and join them, I'm sure, but moles are somewhat skittish around cats.)

ted and bunny said...

I have a very similar jumper in pink and brown...the same shaped Granny hat (but in black)...pale complexion...sitting here with my cup of tea in dainty floral china...I think I now want to be know as Wanda the White!

Caroline B said...

How sweet the two moles look together - it's always good to know that your creations have found a really good home.

rossichka said...

Sitting comfortably in front of pretty cups with delicious tea... Your girls look happy - there's nothing to worry about!:) They were lucky to find someone across the continents to love them!
I like Wanda's elegant hat!:)))

jerilanders said...

Teatime with the mole gals. I too, love the little yellow hat.
How charming your little critters are!