Printing little hare

I have been trying to organise my working days so that I don't spend it needle felting all day, every day. Love it though I do, I have many other things I want to produce. So I have been trying to take at least one day off per week to do something else. Time to unearth the old proof press, which has become swamped by books and magazines.

Time to find the little lino block of a hare I cut sometime in the winter and the block inks which I bought a few years ago and have barely used. Still in perfect condition.

A patchy first pull, but remembering that it takes a few inkings for the block to saturate with ink I do some more on test paper. The quality improves.

And with a bit of sweat and swearing, progress is made. Nice thick paper which has been saved for such an occasion is finally utilised. The eagle eyed long-term readers of this blog may spot the fabric hanging on the other side of the beam - yes, it is still there, my fabric stamping efforts from - goodness me, March! What happened to the time?

Some of the prints even come out moderately well. (Considering it's been a very long time indeed since I last did this).

At the end of the afternoon, everything is mopped down and replaced. It is as if the flying print-room had never existed. Except of course, for the long washing line of drying hares.

Later, a few of the best ones are popped into my Etsy shop, at pocket money prices. Just to see if it's worth carrying on with.


Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Oh Gretel...they are lovely. I think they look great and who doesn't love a good hare ;->

I hope these sell quickly for you and you are encouraged to create more.

Just started pouring here...5:17pm time for a nice cuppa!

Janet xox

Soozcat said...

Yes please! :)

Charlotte said...

You keep making my favourite animal into lovely things. I think this is gorgeous.

Struinkunst by Lisette said...

I love the print! And how lovely they look as a garland in your wonderful living space :)

Claire said...

OH Gretel, your little hare is wonderful.
I think it's sitting there dreaming of far away places.........wondering about that big 'ole moon shining down on him.
Love the 'washing line' of prints and your lounge area looks so wonderfully cosy and inviting.
I guess it won't be long before you crank up the heater.
Have a fab weekend,

Claire :}

ted and bunny said...

a Pop Up print room how fab!
ps starngely enough, I also see a 1930s Crinoline Lady silhouttete, looking to the left from under her bonnet!

ted and bunny said...

ps- maybe I see that cos I'm odd...(yes!!)

Natasha said...

Gorgeous print..I love hares and get very excited when I spot one in the fields...very rare though! xx

Trailshome said...

What a nice diversion from the needlefelting. I do hope they sell and you can spend more days inking and stamping. Very nice.

Unknown said...

Lovely to see the press come out to play ;) I've got the same one but pretty jealous as you have the gripper bar at the top! Fab print ;D

Frances said...

Gretel, I also love the idea of an instant printing studio and the string of hares drying on the line.

I do similar room changes every time I move from one project to another. Now you see it, now you don't, well don't see quite so much of it. (The biggest shifts come when I decide it's time to do some baking and the need for simultaneous work surfaces comes into play. That is some challenge around here!)

The hare makes a wonderful subject for your print, and yes, my eyes also want to play with the positive/negative space and find other images. Great fun.


Jess said...

They look lovely Gretel, all hanging up in a row in your sitting room! There's something evocative about the silhouette you've drawn, I think it reminds me of a page in a book I might have read when I was a child. Is as though it's real and can move!
Jess xx

Vy said...

Dear Gretel! I´m from Brazil, and I don´t speak English!...
So, I want to tell you that I love your work, so beautifull!
I follow your blog.
Bye! Vy

moonandhare said...

Love your hare! How funny -- I just changed my Etsy shop and blog name to Moon and Hare. So of course I immediately bought one of your hare prints to hang in my studio. He will be treasured. :)

Dru Marland said...

It's a lovely print; you do a lot with an apparently simple shape. And I love the press!

jfidz said...

A wonderful image - simple yet extremely evocative.

jerilanders said...

Gretel, I LIKE your beamed ceiling!... Oh, I like little rabbit man too,but those beams caught me off guard.
I know what you mean about moving into a different creative mode once in a while. I enjoyed stepping away from the book illustration to do a few papercuttings. It gave me a nice break and I am now ready to get back to painting again.

Catherine Hayward said...

Lovely prints! I have much admiration for anyone who can lino cut properly. It's always good to have a change from the usual work and keep yourself fresh. :)

julochka said...

so cute! and i love seeing them hanging up there like that (i'm such a voyeur of other people's spaces). :-) have you ever tried one of those little japanese gocco screen printers? they're quite fun and also petite-sized.