When it rains at cricket...

...as it did last Sunday, one retreats discreetly to the clubhouse (should there be one) to get on with other things.

Planning a new line of little needle felt toadstools -

- while in a very grim but British way, the light but persistent rain does not stop the afternoon's match. Some even choose to watch it outside.

Tea, I am sad to report was disappointing in the extreme. I was smuggled a few little things, but there were no proper sandwiches and
no cake! The tea pot was not refilled and the brew was insipid. Bizarrely, there were big plates of fruit, on such a cold, wet day. In abundance. And were largely left.

Andy is Sunday Captain at the moment and had a bit of a bowl. The arm is repairing though still painful - not that you would know from this;

Just a reminder, should anyone be interested, I
will be on BBC Radio Oxford with 'Jo in the Afternoon' on Friday June 10th, from 2pm (UK time) talking about my books and myself. 2pm in the UK is five hours ahead of New York/East Coast time, so about 9 in the morning for my American friends. Do check this out for yourselves though on an online site, as I get a bit foggy about teccy things like this.

A sweet bouquet given to me yesterday by visitors to my studio


Rowan said...

Glad to see Andy attempting to bowl again but tell him not to overdo it too soon! As for tea - cricket teas ALWAYS have cake! What were they thinking!

Charlotte said...

Tell him to be careful, one of my pupils (plays for the county junior squad) has just broken his thumb, diving for a catch.

Love the sketches, what is it about mushrooms and toadstools? They have an utter fascination, beauty and 'personality' of their own.

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Looking forward to seeing your little mushrooms.
I'm sure they will not disappoint.

If I can,I will be listening to your interview with a smile on my face.

I hope you had a 'good' cuppa when you got home from
the game.

janet xox
PS...and a proper sweet something to go with the cuppa

The Pea Pod said...

That's absolutely shocking that there was no cake at the cricket tea...this country is going to the dogs! That said I do love a good old fashioned club biscuit though. xx

Jess said...

Well if there were club biscuits and jaffa cakes there I'm not suprised the fruit was untouched! ;) Love your sketches.xx

Natasha said...

Will definitely have to listen..if I forget remind me to listen again! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I could survive no cake - but no refill of tea - I would have started a riot!! Looking forward to seeing the mushrooms/toadstools.

Acornmoon said...

Yes, I have famous friends!
Fresh fruit and no cake? what is that about?
I will try to listen and "Well Done You" for selling your paintings.

Frances said...

Gretel, continues good wishes to Andy on his recovery...how do you tell him not to overdo it cricket wise?

I love the feel of this post. It really does take us (particularly us overseas folks) into the particular feel of a particular afternoon. I definitely would have brought some cake!

Best wishes on the radio programme, and know that this New Yorker is going to try to click the right keys to be able to hear you from home.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ooh, I'll be sure to listen!
And is that his injured arm up in the air like that????

Soozcat said...


Andy is an iron man! We are all suitably impressed here.

Might have to set the alarm for 6 a.m. Pacific time to listen in. :)

Vintage Jane said...

Wot, no cake?! That's just not cricket! M x