Radio waves

Just in case you've been on another planet - or not linked to me on Facebook or Twitter - I was interviewed on Radio Oxford last Friday, as part of the promotions for the Witney Book Festival (17th-19th June). I was in a state of complete trembliness and discovered what it meant to be dry mouthed with fear.

Not that I need have worried - Jo Thoenes, the afternoon presenter, was simply marvellous and soon had me at my ease - or at least, as much as I was ever going to be. The interview flew by as she asked me about my early life, my books and how I got to be where I am. To my relief I didn't fluff, stall or swear and more importantly I got all the plugs in for the
Witney Book Festival and of course, my signing and exhibition at Teddy Bears of Witney, next Saturday, 10am-4pm.

My lovely friend Debs heroically ferried me about that afternoon and took photos.
I had intended to take in some 'Puddletown Tales' characters to show Jo, but silly me, I left them in my studio at home. Thankfully Debs had her pig, Apricot, who came to be the star and I also brought in a work in progress - afterwards giving a flying demonstration to the nice programme producer who looked after us.

I have even been asked back, should I have another book to promote (*crosses fingers and prays to the Gods of publishing*). The interview - half an hour long in three parts - is available to listen to for four more days on the BBCiPlayer (so if you are coming to this after the 17th of June, I'm afraid you're too late!). To find me, fast forward to about 1.08 in the programme, after the wonderful Percy Sledge.

After the interview we were all thrilled to find a message on the Radio Oxford Facebook page from
Janet in America - which was lovely, and like having a little bit of her there with us.


Rowan said...

So glad that your interview went well, let's hope that lots of people turn up at your booksigning now:)

Natasha said...

Just turned off Ken Bruce and listening now!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Dear Gretel,
The Secret Agent and I were so very proud of you and YES...I did leave a message!
You were so composed and professional.
I was not surprised at all that you turned what could have a MeMe interview into a generous praise of your charity, your readers, publisher and most of all your dear, darling and forever constant Andy.

No self pity or whining about your childhood...I expected nothing less...I'm so proud!

janet xox

Natasha said...

For goodness sake Gretel. I'm going to have to stop reading your blog and listening to you...I just end up in tears. Well done,you're going from strength to strength!

BumbleVee said...

Aha! The real you. In jeans and boots. Perfect. And to put a voice to the face.... better yet.
Loved listening to the conversation... it was so much more that than it was just an "interview"... what a lovely sounding woman she was as well..I think she did a great job on getting the message across about your charity and also about the books.......
I'm so glad this is all working out so well. And...I'm ticked that I didn't know about your little animals many years ago...

jfidz said...

Managed to access it somehow here in Germany.
A wonderful 'interview' Gretel and great to put a voice to the face. Good luck for the signing.

jerilanders said...

Gretel, You were really good! You were smooth and gracious and painfully honest, not a bit nervous. I feel as though I know you bit better now. I wish you every single success in this world!
I WILL have one of those darling little creatures sitting upon my studio work table in the near future.I am keeping abreast on your etsy shop, I am partial to the geese.

The Pea Pod said...

Well done, it was a great interview.You did so brilliantly, I would have had a definite wobble in my voice if it were me xx

Charlotte said...

You sound fantastic, I am listening to you now (am supposed to be working). It is so lovely putting a voice to the face!

Well done you, it is a great interview and is bringing needle felting to life.

Trailshome said...

Very well done! You were honest and sincere and really interesting to listen to. I loved actually hearing your voice, after all these years of following your life in silence.

You are a very special person, and I'm glad to know you. wow.

Paula Bowles said...

Super duper! I had a listen too, well done you - it must have nerve wracking! When you spoke about the Winnie the pooh and Pinwheel days it reminded me of when I was on the scene around the Cotswolds! Can it really be 5 years ago? So glad to hear you're well and happy, hope the book signing goes well :)

Frances said...

Gretel, this interview is a total delight to hear.

I really do urge all those folks who see this current posting of Gretel's to quickly click over to the BBC link.

Be prepared to be charmed.


A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Gretel,
Just listened to your interview - Well done, I think your amazing! Our stories share simularities, I am a sculpture who shares the bug of needlefelting, I too have a motorbiking Andy.... I often pass by your way to see how you are getting on. If your inclined, you will find me at thelittlewrenhousefactory.co.uk
Take Care,

Chris.P said...

You sounded very intelligent....not at all what I expected:) - Just kidding:)

I think considering this was a new experience for you, you hit the ground running. I didn't detect the nerves just emotion and passion.

Yarrow said...

Fantastic news dear Gretel, I'm so happy for you and well done for speaking on the Radio. I'd have been completely tongue-tied, so I'm even more in awe.xxx

rossichka said...

Dear Gretel, it was such a joy and pure delight to hear your voice, to listen to your interview and to learn more about you! Thank you for giving us this opportunity! As a matter of fact I couldn't understand everything (I'm not used to the quick talking), but it was pretty much!:) I think you behaved yourself appropriately and "bravely" - you sounded self-confident, sincere and quite excited at some moments. But these are the charm and difficulty of the "live" interview - when you cannot think beforehand upon the questions and your answers or correct your words. Last month I took part in a TV show, being a guest in the studio for two hours, in which I talked maybe 30-40 minutes on the theme "Our children, their toys and games". Although I have an experience, it wasn't easy at all. So I suppose how you felt and I think that you were a wonderful interlocutor (is that the right word???)
It's so nice that your talent, books and art are being so highly appreciated!! Good for you! I know (and I FELT that in your voice) that you create your art for children with love!!!