Lavender fairies

It's been a strange week, with Andy on holiday while I was stuck working...it poured with rain for most of it, so I was quite glad to be studiobound - I forgot how long an A2 poster takes to paint up and there are still two chapters of 'Pinwheel Days' to go. It was on one of these dismal, rainy mornings that our Posty knocked on the door, looking somewhat grumpy as I cheerily carolled 'oooh, look at you!' while the rain drops streamed off his shoulders and twinkled in his thinning hair. He thrust a parcel in my hand and stumped off crossly. Can't think why. I made a fresh pot of tea and took my box off to investigate. Very exciting. Airmail tags, nice stickers and 2 colours of felt pen. From America. Society of Secret Fairies had struck again. Aromas of coffee and lavender as I slit open the lid to find my ship had truly come in.

What was in it? What wasn't in it?! There was alder smoked wild salmon from Seabear, a seeded herbal bookmark from Bastyr, (an alternative natural healing university), a pretty lavender bag (of course!) exquisite hand made booklets, chocolates (didn't last long), enough lavender sugar for a batch of lavender shortbread, (recipe included), delicious biscotti, playing cards, which reminded me I haven't played Patience for a very long time (because I haven't had a decent set of cards), yummy fruit leather, mellow ground coffee from Tullys, organic lavender chocolate, (sensational - I made the supreme sacrifice and shared it...) and all tied up with violet ribbons, scattered with little messages and kindness (you can't see that, but it was there).

And who was my secret fairy? She resides here. A thousand thanks to her for cheering up a dull week.

The SSF is open to anyone. There are no rules, except to remember that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to send a parcel of happiness, or even simply a card. It really is the thought that counts.


lettuce said...

I've not come across lavender chocolate - it sounds wonderful. I have an absoluely fabulous BBQ sauce recipe, with a long list of ingredients including lavender. (let me know if you want the recipe.....)

Gretel said...

OOH, yes please!!! I am a bit of a condiment fiend and new flavours are always welcome.

The fabric of my life said...

How lovely Gretel. It must have made your day :-)

Anonymous said...

i think this secret society of fairies is just about the coolest idea ever...how do you get "enrolled?"