Wading through treacle with Celia dreaming

I've just read 'Stuntmother's' recent blog - where, with her regular drollness, she decribes how the state of chaos and confusion in her house usually reflects her state of mind/organisation. This is precisely where I am, at this moment in my week/life, and she has written it so eloquently, that I can only recommend you go and have a look. There are so many things to be done - I feel as if I am wading through treacle, and not getting anywhere with them. Here's just some of the things I can remember;

Finish 'The Lost Balloon',
Paint little picture as wedding present for friends getting hitched on Saturday
Label 20 jars of pear chutney
Find shelf homes for the thirty odd books I bought at a fete two weeks ago (bad move, but I couldn't help myself)
Put the washing on
Put the dry washing away
Paint another picture for more friends who are getting married in ten days time
(And prepare for attendance of said nuptials, both of which involve nights away from home),
Go into 'town' via long bus journey and get food and a new lampshade; our bedroom one is burnt to a shred, quite disgraceful
Wash and dust bedroom windowsill, sticky mildew and illegal spiders
Hoover whole house and dust
Design and print compliment slips
E-mail about five people who've been on the back burner for months, (so they're going to be long ones)
the back garden
Clean defrosted fridge and totally blitz the kitchen (whimper)
Backdate this blog, as we did Interesting Things at the weekend

My legs ache from the damp, Clover keeps going walk-about (is she being fed elsewhere?) the shop is particularly overbusy and understaffed at the moment, next door's ghastly great alsatians broke into our garden yesterday, all three of them...which finally gave me a chance to tackle the owners about the barking that starts up every time we go into our garden or put the kettle on. I'm moaning now and starting to bore myself now, so I'll stop there.

pleasant things; another blog I visit regularly is 'Excellent Walker' and she has posted a 'to-do' list, for the whole world to see - I don't think I could live up to global scrutiny as I try to fight my way through all these things to reach my Nirvana - sitting at my desk, painting. Which is why finishing 'the Lost Balloon' is top of my list - I'll enjoy it the most.

'Woodland Creatures' has had the big OK from the top. The author and I are delighted.

A few
days ago, I was admiring the gorgeous handknits at 'Jackie-Blue'. I do love knitting and wish I could afford nice wools and the time to get my old skills back. Next time I grabbed a 'cat nap', I dreamt a new friend - Celia. And she was wearing a pair of sloppy socks, obviously handknitted. Here she is clutching a stuffed/patchwork egg, rather wistfully. People used to put china eggs under 'bad layers' to encourage their egg production. Now all I have to do is get through my list...

First rough of 'Celia'


lorna said...

I know what it's like having a 'to do' list longer than the 'Done' list but just imagine how fun it will be to tick them all off! My 'to do' lists are usually sorted by Most Urgent, and then by what is the quickest to do. I'm rubbish at concentrating on a painting if I have a pile of washing up to do.

Celia is ever so sweet- I love getting to see your character designs. :o)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Celia and her handknit socks. Thanks for visiting me! I'm also a friend of Pinwheel Ellen and Excellent Walker Ellen. I love your work.

Gretel said...

Thank you both! And thank you Jackie, for sharing your amazing knitting, which inspired 'Celia'.