End of the week

I think our guest enjoyed herself, once she'd got over the fact that village gardens were full of pots and ornaments that wouldn't get vandalised or stolen, that a small boy politely said 'thank you' when he passed us (slowly) on his bike and that we could venture down a little wooded footpath without fear of trolls or attack (although even in our rural paradise I'd be loath to go there after dark...). I even managed to get my various projects finished - the first rough stages, anyway, and have had good feedback from all of them...

'Woodland animals' was the one which was a bit tricky: I was so tired and stressed at the start of the week that I had real problems getting the right 'angle' and did pages of frust
rating false starts, none of which looked or felt right, and to my eyes were sheer pencil twaddle. But on Tuesday morning I rose at crack of dawn and scribbled a whole page straight off, before my morning at the shop. The response from the author of the stories has been rewardingly positive, I am relieved as it is a daunting task to recreate another person's vision. Now all we have to do is wait for the publisher's verdict, as it's still undecided as to whether I'm to get the job or not.

'Girly Giftbook' also was favourably received - although after busting a gut to get these first sketches finished for Monday, I was 'wryly amused' when the art director informed me that she was just waiting for two of the other artists to send their roughs in...

I don't think I'll be breaking a state secret if I disclose that I am doing some freelance work for Disney UK, although I can't reveal what until it is launched. My latest submission was just what they wanted and to my immense excitement and pride, I am to meet one of their inhouse artists, to be shown more 'tweaks'. I never, in my most ambitious dreams, imagined I would be in this position. From my college days when I first discovered the gargantuan 'Art of Walt Disney' book, I have studied the artists sketches, and the technical brilliance they displayed, with pages of poses and facial expressions. I learned how to go about 'finding' a character from these guys (and gals) - I have my own copy now, and there is not a month that goes by when I don't refer to it for inspiration or just 'how the heck can I do that?' That I am to be a tiny part of that history is almost unbelievable.

In the veg patch, the courgettes are growing at an alarming rate. After some heavy rainfall, they've got the bit between their teeth and are aiming for world domination. These are babies...

And a
pot crop of string beans.

Pumpkin hiding behind foliage

As I type
, England are absolutely storming ahead in the Test Match - score at 17.41 the Aussies are a staggering 60 for 4, while England (who batted first) had 477 runs. Flintoff scored his first Test Match century, scoring 102 - now he and Simon Hoggard are inflicting their formidable bowling on a curdling opposition. Wonderful!

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The Tart said...

Very neat about your Disney work. I am a Cinderella wanna-be! The veggies look great.