Weekend wedding

We spent the weekend away, attending a wedding at Eynsham church, the village where Andy is a long term member of the cricket team. It was, in fact, a 'cricket' wedding and many appropriate metaphores were used in the wonderful, cheerful address given by the lay preacher, another friend and 'cricket widow'. Liz looked gorgeous, made even more beautiful by her complete happiness. As she came into church, looking radiant, I got unusually choked up, seeing joyousness light up her face as her dream became complete. Both bride and groom's voices trembled a bit in the ceremony, and afterwards, in the splendid setting of Manchester College, Oxford, we all got a bit wobbly as the champagne and wine flowed into the evening. Rumour has it that I disco danced...but I really don't believe that. It was a wonderful evening, filled with love and goodwill for our friends. I think they will have a long and happy life together.

Through a college window...

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