Surfacing for lunch

One of the few good things to come out of the ghastly pandemic is that I have two new lovely Shropshire friends. They booked a few of my Zoom workshops during lockdown; we kept in touch, eventually met up and now it seems as if I’ve known them forever. And life is a little less lonely. 

I have other lovely and much loved friends but they are scattered across the country and so, unless you count the unlamented Joe (which I don’t), I’ve spent the last nine and a half years here at the cottage in near isolation and while I’m very comfortable in my own company, it has been difficult at times.

The other day I was picked up by Friend One and driven towards the Welsh border.  There were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘has’ as I enjoyed the passing scenery, until we finally reached Friend Two’s gorgeous house. 

We had lunch under a canopy in the garden, as it was a blisteringly hot day. My offering was some rather ominous looking local cheese ‘The Ironbridge’ - part of a cheese box from Moyden’s Cheese, which arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep as a kind present from one of my other distant friends. (It’s actually delicious, despite it’s appearance). 

I was also able to see three of my needle felted ‘heads’ on display, out of direct light and under glass, looking very at home in their stylish surroundings. 

It was such a delight to feel more like a normal person and less like a hermit, with friends to talk to and visit. I came home feeling happier than I have done for a long time and with a squashed but scrumptious cupcake. 

I’ve had a long break from here, due to the pressure of my book deadline. Life is returning to a slightly easier pace now that it’s all finished. I couldn’t have finished it without the support of my Patrons, who have enabled me to pay the bills while I’ve been tied up with book work and in return, I’ve been able to post regularly there, with sneak peeks of my book work and cottage life, and I am now busying myself with fulfilling pledges of needle felt work and paintings. 

As a little summer present, and because I’ve been so absent, I have made one of my July posts open for free and public reading. 

It’s a Wrap



Granny Sue said...

What a lovely, peaceful post. That cake does look delicious. Congratulations on finishing the book too--what a relief that must be.

Lyn said...

glad the book is done and you are able to have lovely days out with your new friends xx

Jee said...

So glad you've been out and seeing friends. We've been so careful about doing things and seeing people over the last 18 months that to go somewhere and talk to other people is such a treat. Although we are here together, we have tended to get immersed in our own interests which can sometimes limit conversation - I don't feel passionately about the latest discoveries in early music theory or learning Dutch! Jusyt to sit in someone else's garden is a delight.