Travelling light to Cinderhill Farm


In much need of a break, I set off for my second home, Cinderhill Farm. Traveling light with all the essentials.

Hello pigs, snorting about in a carrot munching frenzy.

 Hello again Marvin, my old friend the farm rooster.


Hello to my new job, as Chief Label Sticker-onner at the Pie House. Cinderhill Farm is now a chief pie supplier to the newly opened Gloucestershire  Service Station and pies cannot be made fast enough. Or sausage rolls.


Sticking the labels on in precisely the right place turned out to be my forte - everything has to be beautifully turned out, from pie to packaging.

So the next day, we set off with crates of various pies, all the way from the Forest of Dean to Gloucestershire. Across the magnificent Severn Bridge -

Where we unpacked many, many crates of hand baked goods at the warehouse, before doing a little shopping, Cotswold style. Local cheeses from small dairies, for supper -

And beautiful artisan bread from small, local bakeries.

Gloucestershire Tebay services are all about selling local goods and supporting the surrounding community. It's an entirely different  shopping and eating experience to the standard service station.

Naturally, a selection of Cinderhill Farm Pie House Foggys were sitting proudly in the deli section.

We had civilised and greedy double cake for tea, from the cafe.Yes, the huge meringue is mine.

 And even later, the worker's reward. Ciabatta and exceedingly good cheese. Almost humble. 

It was a lovely week of work and relaxing. But then it was time for me to return to my own quiet world. Goodbye, wonderful Wye Valley, with your spectacular views.

Goodbye noisy geese, with your beaks stuck in the air.

Goodbye sweet Pearl, house kitten of great beauty.

Goodbye rufty tufty barn cat who's name I can't remember.

 Goodbye Cinderhill Farm, until I return again.



Celia Hart said...

Lovely to read about week - a change is indeed as good as a rest. The food looks delicious!!!!
Celia xx

Jee said...

The new services are great - make a trip up and down the motorway quite a treat. Glad you got some time away. Must try those pies.

Anonymous said...

Were you able to resist eating pies and sausage rolls as you stuck the labels on - they look so delicious! Glad you enjooyed your break - it looks a super place to have as a second home.

Nancy said...

I loved the Wye Valley and I hope to return some day. Your holiday looked wonderful and I was envious. I do have to ask though and that's what's a foggy pie? something special? I'm glad you had fun!

Su said...

Looks a wonderful week, as does the food!

Lin said...

How come everywhere you go it's just so darn lovely? I want to come along!

Twiglet said...

A perfect break - all that food looks lovely!

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely change. All that food looks so good and what lovely feathered and furry colleagues! M x

Frances said...

Oh Gretel, what a grand place that Cinderhill Farm is!

How I wish I could sample some of that baking. It looks fantastic. Cinderhill's animals definitely add to the pleasure of a visit, and with the warm hospitality of your hosts. Wow!

How's about doing a little video of some guitar playing for your blog readers? Please consider it.


Soozcat said...

Oh, it all looks so beautiful! Even the foggys! :)

Deborah Flint said...

T'was lovely to have you here, Gretel :-) We are all missing you of course - the place isn't the same without you. You are always welcome. And there are always MORE labels awaiting you :-D

Big love to you xxXXxx :-)

BumbleVee said...

My question is the same as Nancy's .... what the heck is a Foggy .... looks like a turnover ....

Di said...

Oh Gretel, what an idyllic place indeed. Got my mouth watering here - sausage rolls, pies, pasties, wonderful cheeses - oooh, yummy!

Am so glad you enjoyed your break - well deserved, even if you did work as well. They say the devil makes work for idle hands anyhow :)

Di xx

rossichka said...

What a delicious, calming, peaceful post! You've shared some time with friends, in a pastoral region, in peace and quiet after the "pie" adventure finished.;) Hope you are doing well, Gretel!xx
Oh, are you playing the quitar? How nice! I love the first photo!