A bit tangled

I have not dropped off the face of the earth - just getting my head down and working, trying to cram in some extra bits and bobs around my orders. Making some robin clips, (it has been two years since I last made some). Pardon the state of my threads box, I keep meaning to sit down and untangle them all but I never have time.

Willow (who was last seen having her head cut off in a very undignified way) has long since left for her new home.

And now the next hare on my order list is patiently waiting to be finished.

I hope to have
my shop updated sometime this week with the four robins, a miniature landscape and three animal head brooches (I am so happy with these, they are quick and rather sweet, if I say so myself). If you are not on my mailing list, do drop me an email to be added, as things tend to go very fast.


elizabeth said...

So long since I visited the blog.....
Such super felt animals.
Frances (Cityviews/country Dreams)
were walking and talking about you the other day

Charlotte said...

Has been a bit quiet round here with out you. I do still love your hares. Glad the decapitation has been restored.

Caroline B said...

Lovely to see what you've been working on - can't wait to see the brooches.
Also glad to see your thread box - makes the state of my pile of fabric, felt, yarn, wire, books and general craft paraphanalia at the side of the sofa seem not quite so bad!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Hello Gretel,

Yes!!! Lovely Willow has arrived safe and sound and with her head intact ;->

You will be happy to know Willow was the guest of honor at a tea party given by Dolores. I guess Dolores is not the grump we all thought her to be. I think she has a soft spot for Willow.

A good time was had by all.

janet xox

Frances said...

Gretel, I was telling Elizabeth how you and Andy gave me the key to opening the mysterious world of cricket. I continue to thank you!

I should post a photo of my plastic box full of threads, some are very vintage, still on wooden spools or of 100% cotton content. It's funny that I can pick up one of those vintage spools and still remember the dress, skirt or whatever it was that I made with that thread.

I keep my "fancy" cotton, silk or linen embroidery threads in another little straw basket that once belonged to my great auntie Mae who taught me to knit so many decades ago.

Thank you for summoning up those memory threads. xo

Claire said...

Hey Gretel, love the state of your thread box, makes me feel right at home, hehe........

I keep looking at my sewing box, thinking I should upend it and sort it out, but I'm a bit scared by what might be lurking down the bottom of it. Has been a while since i tidied it up.

Look forward to seeing your animal head brooches, they sound very interesting.

Nice to see Willow went to a lovely home, I've just been there for a visit and admired the beautiful Autumn colour.

Claire :}

BumbleVee said...

only the thread box? .... good grief! you should see the state of my so called "crafting" room. It has become the dumping ground for pretty much anything and everything the past several months it seems. sigh....

High time I got in there and cleaned and organized...but, I just haven't been able to get myself motivated to do much of anything.
I do have a golfing buddy coming to visit on Dec 3... who wants to learn about needle felting....so I shall have to dig my way into it and get some table space cleared at the very least..... how I wish we lived closer ...I'd hire you to come and teach us a few things.....I'd even bake a cake and make tea!

did you see I put your lovely cards on my blog?

Biscuit said...

Lovely fat robins in that thread box.

Trailshome said...

Oh, I wish we lived closer together! I'd love to come for a good visit and sort out that threads box for you. That's the kind of task I just love to dig into and tidy up. I could sort and wind up bits of threads and visit while I watch over your shoulder while you create your little pieces of magic. But, guess not. I hope you find time one of these days to neaten it up. Things work so much better when you can find all your supplies.

ellen said...

Gretel, sending love. Sending thanks and amazement at what you do.
It was a Thanksgiving here in the US and I give thanks for having met you.