Pops and Popsicle

To my pleasant surprise I recently found myself the unintentional winner of a batch of 'cake pops'. I had to be educated as to what these were, (it's a cupcake decoration) but once enlightened was only to delighted to accept them from Angel's Kitchen. Cupcakes. Harder than I thought. Had visitors + small children a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd just *whip up a batch or two* while cleaning the house from top to bottom. Silly me. Took a lot longer than I thought to do the most rudimentary decoration. (If you have now read the story of 'Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes' it is not a million miles away from what happens to me when I entertain rare guests, I try to do everything at once with disastrous results).

And although in the end they looked vaguely passable, upon sampling them later - when said guests had departed - I discovered that they were somewhat dense and dare I say, a little heavy? Oh dear...could have done with those highly edible cake poppers.

I should stick to needle felting and leave the cake baking to the grown ups. Popsicle is another commission just crossed off my order list.

I have had some really lovely blog reviews of my book, my head is swollen beyond redemption I fear. So many, many thanks to my friends

Anne of Frayed at the Edge

Janet of The Empty Nest

Aaron Paquette
(one of my oldest blog-buddies - not in age, but in length of time!)


Anonymous said...

Popsicle is just so adorable! I've never tried making cupcakes - although I did used to turn out batches of fairy cakes when Stuart was little, for his lunchbox.

Natasha said...

Lucky you! I'm sure your cupcakes were gorgeous, but you are the Queen of needle felt, I shall retain the cupcake crown!

Jill said...

Under no illusions about how difficult baking any cakes is! But your decorations are lovely.

Gerry Snape said...

To each her own...and you own the crown of felting animals!

Frances said...

Popsicle is another treat for our eyes. There are many delicious cupcakes (with decorative icing) in the world. Only one Popsicle.

I haven't baked a cupcake in decades, but bet that I could turn out something delicious after a trial baking or two. It would take much more time to even think of creating felted personalities.

(Thanks for your visit.)


Mike Woodcock said...

Love, love, love Popsicle! And, to the detriment of my waistline, (If I had one), I love, love, love, cupcakes too!

ellen said...

I think that Popsicle looks very brave, and I love that about him.
It's wonderful to read the enthusiastic responses to your book.
I hope that it will be available soon here.

JGG said...

baking - that's what we have bakeries for - God bless the "Bakers"!!

Elizabeth said...

Well, the cupcakes LOOK delicious --and I'm sure they were.
So thrilling about your book.

Soozcat said...

Had never heard of cake pops either--I came across them in a New York Starbucks for the first time a few days ago.

For the record, you are a wonderful hostess, interesting and fun to talk to.

Oh, and our copy of Mrs. Mouse's Cupcakes came today!

Bee said...

I have a very reliable cupcake recipe that I can share with you! Yours look very nice,though.
Cakepops are all the rage, but I've never tasted them. They sound a bit sickly to me.