The woodpile

was another fine day and I restrained myself with only a 3 mile round walk. (This is not our hovel. I wish it was...)

I returned to find that The Woodman had been...this on the one hand is a Good Thing, as we had run out of logs- we shivered through the weekend in jumpers and woolly hats. But it was taking up all the space where the Bike goes. So half an hour later...

I am hoping this will last till after Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Nice piles Gretel! (hee hee hee!!)

lorna said...

stacking all of those would have driven me mad! Did they not keep falling down again, or are you a master stacker now?

At least you'll be nice and toasty throughout winter.


Gail said...

Oooh! The thought of a real open fire . . . I really love them, where we stay on holidays there is one in the sitting room, it's heaven, a real treat!
But then day to day I do like the convenience of central heating! ;)

Gretel said...

Tskk tsk Goth, you are a one! :)

I can't bear central heating...far too comfortable! We have a couple of nasty storage heaters for the depths of winter.

As for stacking...it's all to do with building a good, solid foundation with the bigger logs...and hopping out of the way smartish when they start falling on your feet!