'The Onward Journey'

'The Onward Journey' is finished, framed and posted. In time for the Christening. There is an infuriating universal law that states - no matter how carefully you clean a mount and glass, when you have finally taped the back of the picture frame up, a tiny hair or speck of dust will have somehow inserted itself under the glass. It only took three tapings to finally get a clean mount.

I submitted my first final artwork to Disney, and with a few minor tweaks, it has crept under the rope. Major relief. I've learnt so much from this project and it's been really good drawing discipline - it's too easy to fall into lazy habits when there's no one looking over your shoulder.

The final dates on 'Girly Giftbook' have been extended, more relief - I was fearful it had bombed at Frankfurt, but it is still full steam ahead. And I think - I think - I've caught the 'Woodland Creature' I was having such problems with. So - being up to date with everything, and no more commissions, I am sketching out the final Celia. I'm dithering over what to put on the horizon. So I will sleep on it and hope for a vision in the morning...we are promised full sunshine tomorrow and I am planning a major trek to the woods. Maybe I'll find Andy's lost white pencil. He did such a fantastic drawing yesterday, and it's so good to see his old handskills returning.


Maya said...

This ones a beauty Gretel!It is such a colourful and full of energy illustration! :)

I know what you mean about the dust specks under the glass...haha! ;)

Anonymous said...

Supa dupa Gretel!! (Maya...let guests post on ya blog you swine!!)