Cricket, beer and sketching

We both have a couple of days off at the moment, and what with England doing so splendidly in the Ashes, decided to actually watch it on the big screen. We don't have television, although we are radio junkies - while the cricket is on, there's one on upstairs and one down. So we pootled off in search of TV and fine ales.

A familiar sight - Andy waiting for me to catch up.

cycled out to nearby Upper Westcote. The farmers are gathering in the final remnants of harvest and the familiar sight of herds of basking hay rolls can be seen all round.

Do Not Feed

Finally we disembarked at the New Inn, where they kindly installed us in their (empty) restaurant area. So we settled in with beer, (Brakspeare) and proceeded to watch Michael Vaughan, our great English captain, power up the England runs before being caught out by Brad Hodge - Aussie fielding finally getting its act together.

The match probably was a bit of a blur for the Australians, too!

I should really have been pegging away in the studio, but I tried to make up for scamping off by taking my sketchbook with me, and preparing some more small works. Here is a nice young lady cat on her promenade and a fat chef cat serving bird pie.

In the end I got several sketches drawn up, so the afternoon wasn't entirely wasted.

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