Little pond

This is how the so-called 'herb patch' looked a couple of weeks ago, still with the plug-ugly plastic coated washing line post firmly cemented into the earth. So as the weather had picked up, I did my scorched earth weeding and Joe got to work with Brian-next-door's sledge hammer.

After a long tussle and removing lots of rock debris, we tugged and pulled and shoved and eventually we dragged the monster out. We could just about manage it between us. 

Unfortunately, someone DID like the overgrown mess and we found this lovely toad nestling in a pile of bricks. We left her undisturbed, but she vanished overnight. We are hoping that she has found a nearby home.

By the end of the day we had almost cleared everything.

The garden originally came with two little old troughs which were destined to be made into miniature ponds. This is a fairly ordinary cement one, which had been upside down since I moved in over three years ago. I had assumed it was a block of stone until Joe turned it  over and discovered the secret.

The previous owner told me that this bigger one was an antique 'pony trough' which came from a nearby town, but then he told so many fibs about the property that I am inclined to take that with a pinch of salt. It is a nice old thing, anyway and had been languishing uselessly in the drive.

The fun part was putting the stones and pebbles in and filling it.


By now it was early evening and the cows had made their way up the field. They seemed curious, but I don't think they cared about our lovely little pond.

The ponds have provided a source of constant amusement. Despite having to empty them and paint them with concrete sealant. Because we didn't realise that the stone could leak. But since then the garden birds have been enjoying the novelty too. Joe has taken quite a few photos. At first the blue tit was the sole bather. 

But then a tribe of sparrows moved in and claimed both ponds for their own. 

Anyway, to cut this long pond-y story short (forgive the length, neither of us have ever had ponds before), this part of the garden is finally starting to be ours and looking like a proper place. Not a wilderness of weeds. 

Today however we have had rain and I went back to proper work, heralding autumn with this little painting, 'Acorn Cottage' which (naturally) is for sale in my other Etsy shop, 'Lost Arcadia'. *NOW SOLD*



Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Good work all round Gretel. I'm not surprised your painting sold so quickly it's an absolute delight.


Lin said...

What a cool find!

We have a pond in our yard and it brings much joy...along with much wildlife. Some good, some bad...currently we have an electric fence hooked up with a timer to keep the raccoons from swimming in there and eating all of the other inhabitants.

It will be stagnant and breed mosquitoes unless you have something to move the water. Maybe a small fountain??

Jess said...

All that hard work looks like it's paying off, your garden looks lovely.x

Mac n' Janet said...

What a beautiful garden you have! I love your view and aren't cows just the nosiest? The pond is sweet. I'm not surprised your painting sold so quickly.

the veg artist said...

We bought an old round pig-trough years ago, with a view to using it as a bird bath/small pond, and it gets so many visitors - including many of the neighbourhood cats who include it in their routes, but also birds large and small. We've also seen a badger and fox drinking from it. We can see it from the kitchen window, so washing-up is also bird watching time!
The rest of your garden seems to be coming on a treat!

Karren said...

How lovely! Your little ponds are just wonderful. We have a small in-ground pond and it has lots of company too. We buy the tiny goldfish from the local WalMart for just 29 cents each and keep it stocked. They eat the algae and weeds, and in turn, the barred owls come in and take them now and then. We don't mind, because the owls are just joyous to watch. We now have 3 resident toads that sit around the edge and snack on the bugs too. Lots of birds and even deer come by for a drink now and then.
Good for you for creating such a beautiful spot.

annalizard said...

Acorn Cottage is very very beautiful!
See you,

rossichka said...

You both did a good job! And your efforts are rewarded - it must be very exciting to watch birdies, enjoying the ponds! The garden is becoming Yours with each and every day, because you love it... It's so nice to live in such a beautiful and quiet place!:)

Granny Sue said...

I love your little garden and the ponds. It looks like a delightful space. Weeds claimed my herb garden last year and I ended up giving up the space and just keeping it mowed. But I miss my herbs so next year I'm going to try again, this time keeping all the plants in containers so that the obnoxious vine that is impossible to get rid of can't get to them.

frayed at the edge said...

I love your little ponds!!

Rowan said...

I love your ponds! I have a small stone trough lurking in a corner of the garden and I think I might try something similar with it. Hope your toad has found a nice safe new home.

Puddock said...

Lovely! It's great to watch the birds bathing :)