Another studio make over

So the time came when my studio needed a serious make over. It's been a bit of a tidy pickle for the last three years, and there were so many things on the floor that there wasn't enough room for my big feet to move around without stubbing a  toe. Or even work properly.

And this area was particularly confused. I seem to remember that I just shoved a few bits of spare furniture up so that I could unpack some favorite books and it became a bit of a dumping ground. So the mammoth task of sorting out began.

The key to the entire operation was this lovely old (apparently Georgian) bookcase that Joe bought me well over a year ago, for the studio and which had become another dumping ground downstairs. 

We shifted the old futon out and I began reorganising my books. And stuff. 

The first day was complete carnage. 

But by the second day it began to take take shape. And I found I had masses of floor space!


I'm still not sure how I found the energy to blitz it into shape in 48 hours, but I now know where everything is. This is the only area which remained untouched. 

The old fireplace (sadly blocked up by the previous tenants) has been set aside for a printing area. The next task is to renovate my poor old flat bed press.

So I did finally get round to finishing a batch of small paintings and yesterday I reopened my very first Etsy shop which I've had since 2007 and listed them all at £35 (about $45) each. I was amazed to sell two paintings overnight. and somewhat relieved. 

So here I am in yet another studio, painting again and enjoying my books. It's nice but odd, just another layer of things coming around, the same but different. And a little fragile. Like my tiny houses.



Lynda (Granny K) said...

All those precious books and things! i have the same problem! It's great to have a sort out sometimes and rediscover.

Mac n' Janet said...

It looks so tidy! My craft room is in complete disarray and will probably stay that way until it cools off. We don't use the upstairs at all in summer.
What a sweet painting, I'm not at all surprised it sold.

Karren said...

Wonderful Job! Now your marvelous creative imagination has room to circulate. I can't wait to see the amazing things you're going to come up with in this space with all those idea sparklers arranged around you. Good on you!

Granny Sue said...

It's so comforting to read someone else's mess! My workroom where I do my eBay and keep my storytelling puppets and things is a disaster...again. I had it pretty organized this spring but summer happened. And the room where I paint furniture?? Don't even go there. I've only cracked the door and looked in for the past 2 months but it's time to get back to it. Maybe next week. You've encouraged me to get going again.

Frances said...

Bravo to you, Gretel, on getting your studio rearranged and orderly! How I do wish I had a "dedicated" studio space. Maybe some day....

It's so good to see your new paintings and also to learn you are going to get that printing press back to working order.

Wonderful happenings around your area! xo

rossichka said...

You must be relieved now. Good for you! It's not that easy to tidy up (at least not for me) - you need time, patience, imagination and... to make quick decisions about what stuff you really need and what you don't .:)
Your studio looks so comfortable, Gretel!x