Shropshire snow

I ventured out for a short walk this morning, as although the snow was falling it is due to rain later and as I write, there is a steady, wet spattering as it slowly melts and drips from the cottage roof. So off up the hill I went, with my camera. 

It isn't unheard of to get snow in March but it is odd to see the cheery yellow daffodil heads bent under the weight of their new white bonnets and the surrounding farmland resembling a Christmas scene.

I only noticed the other day that the trees and hedgerows were just - barely - starting to acquire the warmer flush of colour that precedes new shoots and growth, however today they were stark silhouettes, with not a hint of Spring about them.

I walked up to my usual gate, exchanging a cheery wave and hello with a father and his two children, who were playing with a sled. There was no sign of the Wrekin, which is usually plain in sight here.

Feeling a little damp and chilled, I headed home, with the  comforting sight of my little cottage waiting for me and the prospect of another day of working in the warmth of my bed. 


Twiglet said...

More snow today too . Beautiful atmospheric photos. Keep cosy and enjoy your lovely artwork. Jo x

Lin said...

Isn't it lovely with the world all dusted with a bit of snow? Like powdered sugar, I always say.

Granny Sue said...

How beautiful. Quite a wintry mood, and here is is March. My daffodils are done for, I'm afraid. We've had cold weather, but not enough snow to protect them.

Gerry Snape said...

We had snow here in Penketh...but glad that now the warmer air has arrived and the spring is here..x