Tiny little dachshund

Max was almost finished a few weeks ago, but he was missing the perfect pull chain. I knew in my head what it should be and so I was pleased beyond anything when a kind blog friend - Vee of 'The Bearister Bookcase' - offered to send me some treasures (knowing that they would probably be pulled apart and used in various ways). In the packet that arrived was a lovely thin black chain, which was perfect and had a tiny clasp onto which I could fix the red vintage button I'd put to one side. So thank you very much to Vee, for all the little things which will be put to good use.

I am still tussling with my online course - with a grand total fifty photos, it just needs a few additional demo videos, which is a whole new territory for me. I made the mistake of looking at other online needle felt projects, most of which seemed to have all manner of perfectly groomed (and younger) presenters, bells, whistles and even music, which completely shook my confidence as my demo videos are very simple.  Just my hands, needle felting. Added to which my recorded voice sounds - odd. I can't work out if it sounds a bit posh, a bit West Country or a bit growly. Or a strange mixture of all three. However, I'm sure that's completely normal, and I will have to get over myself.

I don't think balancing a laptop on a precarious pile of DVDs is the standard way of shooting mini movies, but it seems to work, so long as there isn't a tractor rumbling by while I'm narrating.



BumbleVee said...

Hahahhaha .. you are so funny Gretel. It's totally normal to be shocked when we hear our own voice.. like when we have to put a recording on the telephone answering machine... yikes! Is that me? ..I sound sort of like my sister and sort of like some other weird chick I know. acckkk!!

Awww... little Max is so cute and I'm thrilled to have even such a tiny little part in his coming to life. It's great to know you will get some use out of the little trinkets.... I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for vintage buttons now..... I have a friend who says she is getting rid of 'vintage things'...must dash off to her place to have a look.

All of us who know and love you are looking forward to seeing and hearing you in the video... I wish I lived closer, you could use my camera and tripod. That pile of books does look a bit precarious... but, hey, it works!

Granny Sue said...

I can't wait to see the video, even though I will never attempt what you do. Just be nice to watch it, and to hear you. Don't worry about bells and whistles--I dislike having to wade through all that when I'm just trying to learn something, and I bet most people feel the same way.

The little dog is lovely! Perfection. You amaze me.

Karen said...

I love little Max!

Lin said...

Vee to the rescue!! Yea, Vee! The chain is perfect.

Oh, videos, photos and voice recording are such traitors, aren't they? Pay no mind...those who are clicking on your tutorial aren't bothered with such things.

Soozcat said...

Max is adorable! And as far as hearing one's own recorded voice is concerned, I think it's a near-universal experience... something about the recording process flattens the dynamics of a live voice, strips out the head resonance, makes one's own voice all but unrecognizable.

Twiglet said...

Good luck with the video Gretel. I sound weird on tape too so I guess we just have to accept it. Little Max is gorgeous and well done to Vee for coming up with the perfect chain solution - she is a lovely lady too isn't she. x Jo