In search of Langley Chapel

It's been a long time since we went for a bike ride what with one thing and another. So this week we went off in search of Langley Chapel, less than four miles away. I had done my Google map research and was convinced it would be fairly easy to find, despite being in the middle of a Shropshire field. We cycled up to the small but pretty village of Acton Burnell.

Once through the village however, it all became very uphill-y and with our cycling legs being a bit rusty, there was a lot of pushing. Alright, pretty much all pushing.

As we climbed higher, the views were spectacular. This is looking across to our main town of Shrewsbury. Somewhere in there towards the right, I think.

I found a lovely roly-poly field formation for painting inspiration. There aren't that many dry stone walls in Shropshire and this picture reminds me of the dear Cotswold countryside, which is lined with them.

Joe found me a tiny cottage in a field, sadly ruined with no roof, but very sweet seen through the hedgerow. 

Anyway, we got higher and higher, in search of Langley Chapel - or even a handy signpost - until we got to a point where I knew that it became EVEN MORE hilly. And unfit as we were, we decided to turn back. Happily, it was downhill all the way to Acton Burnell. 

Now, we had seen a footpath sign in the village and wondered if we had managed to miss the chapel. So Joe went ahead and explored, and waved me to follow. He had found something.  We followed the field footpath and discovered a promising looking portico. 

However it did look familiar and as we neared, we realised it was the beautiful Catholic graveyard for the old 'big house' which we had investigated last year. Slightly daunted but determined to have one last shot, we tried another part of the footpath. Which was very pretty but showed no sign of a chapel. 

We found a few wild damsons though and jolly nice they were too, after all that exercise.

So well exercised but feeling a bit defeated, we hastened home, with rain clouds looming overhead.

Back home, we looked at a map and were chagrined to find that had we ventured a little further (towards the EVEN MORE HILLY bit), we would have found Langley chapel. It was about five minutes away from our turn-back point. So that's a trip for another day. Nonetheless, it was lovely to get out and explore. We may not have found Langley chapel. But we did get some exercise.


Frances said...

Dear Gretel, thank you for taking your camera along with you all on that bike ride (and push.) The landscapes you've shown us here truly do have features to inspire your paintings.

When you have rested up those exercised muscles and have Take Two of the chapel quest, perhaps the autumn colors might have begun to tinge the trees. I could imagine a series of paintings, dear Gretel.

Hoping by now you've gotten the WD-whats-it to help get that press a going.

All best wishes to you and Joe. xo

Mac n' Janet said...

That is such a pretty part of England even if you didn't find the chapel. Really enjoyed your photos.

Lilbitbrit said...

Fun to be out on a quest, and it's the journey. Great that the return was down hill. I walk up most hills when cycling. Your photos and scenery was lovely. You've made me think about airing my bike as it is a holiday weekend here.

Rowan said...

The countryside you cycled/pushed the bikes through :) is really beautiful and Acton Burnell looks a delightful place. I really like Shropshire. You'll be able to find the chapel easily next time.

Granny Sue said...

What a lovely trip, even if you didn't find the chapel. The little ruined cottage is so evocative. Sometimes where we wander accidetally is really the place we need to be.