Old riddles

One of the small joys of keeping things (I prefer the term ''treasurer' to 'hoarder') - is finding bits of your old self, maybe in the form of writing. Today I have found two old riddles I composed many years ago; one is a traditional spelling riddle, the other in haiku form. I am not, I hasten to add, claiming to be an expert in either forms.


My first is in plumage and also in pyre,
My second is in host, a Heavenly choir
My third is just nothing, your pardon I beg
My fourth is in embers in which sits an egg
My fifth is ink, as seen on this page
My sixth in inferno, a fiery rage
My seventh is a cross that is every man's mark
My whole is a flame which will light up the dark


White angel gliding
Grace and beauty on water
Flip, flap, flop on grass.

Email me the correct two answers via my blog profile to go in for a drawer to win my very last 2012 calendar as a prize! (Email answers only accepted). If you can only guess one, do send it in, just in case nobody gets both.

*CLOSES WEDNESDAY MORNING, FEB 15 12 MIDDAY U.K TIME!* (well done to all the correct answerers so far)


Anne said...

Oh dear, my poor brain, addled with a nasty cold, just isn't up to this!!

Things Hand Made said...

Hmmm, I think i might know the answers but not sure how to find your email address. Do I leave the answer here and you check it?

d. moll, l.ac. said...

ok, emailed, see how I did!

Shawnte said...

I'm completely clueless about the riddle x.x Otherwise, I love the air balloon drawing in your post. Also, good luck to whoever gets the answer right.

Pen Wilcock said...

I love this picture with the floating away hot air balloon! Might you make it into a card to sell on your Etsy shop?

Bonnie said...

Your art work and animals are adorable! I think I figured out the riddle to the first poem, but am still pondering the second one. How do I email you??? Thank you so much, Bonnie :)

Bonnie said...

I found your email address and sent in my guesses. Bonnie :)

Lori Ann Corelis said...

You have an amazingly beautiful style!

Lori Ann

Frances Tyrrell said...

Dear Gretel, You're a poet too! These are original, clever and fun. I'm too late for the contest so giving this a try here:

Haiku: Swan

Thanks for the diversion!

rossichka said...

Dear Gretel, I didn't dare to enter the competition in order not to get ashamed...:) I'm so curious to learn the answers! The first riddle was difficult for me. But the first image that came into my mind about the second one was SWAN. I even checked in the vocabulary what exactly flip, flop and flap mean in order not to make a mistake...
The balloon is wonderful, it's really light and full of air!
It's so exciting to find signs from "previous" moments of your life!

Kim said...

Ugh - you'll have to give us the answer! lol - I'm terrible at riddles!