Three for tea

Last week, two lovely visitors, Jane and Katie, popped over the county border from Winchcombe for tea, cake and chat. Partly business, mostly pleasure, it was my first time of actually meeting Katie Morgan, apart from chatting on Twitter and reading her blog. (Whoever said that the internet is killing social life? I have no time for such ill conceived nonsense). Katie is as fascinating as
her blog suggests, I could have spent all day listening to her. She had brought along a beautifully restored antique clock dial - restored by herself, as that is what she does, alongside many other things. At the moment she is restoring a 1938 fairground Waltzer (a phenomenal job) - Katie's website is crammed with the gorgeous work she has done and is now working on. Well worth looking at if you are interested in painted Romany wagons, fairground and narrowboat art.

Copious tea and very chocolatey chocolate cake (not made by me) kept us going for several hours as we discussed the Winchcombe Wool Festival which Jane - of the Winds of Change Gallery - is heroically organising. It will be held in April and last for three weeks, celebrating the long history of this historic wool town and the modern legacy of British wool. I will be doing a needle felt workshop towards the end, (date and price to be confirmed). So if you are in the Cheltenham area, watch this space; it will be limited to about six places. I'll be announcing the final arrangements here and on my
Facebook page.

As it's been a while since I bought my two Matt Grimmitt mugs which are in the top picture, I treated myself to one of his lovely slipware bowls. It's a pourer, so is perfect for beating eggs. Matt often has work for sale on a certain well known auction site, and the best way to find out when he is selling is to follow his Facebook page here.

I like to think that perhaps, 150 years ago, similar country pottery was once used in this little cottage.


Jess said...

I love the little bowl that has a pouring side, how very useful, I think I'd use that all the time! It certainly looks very much at home sat there in your cosy cottage.
Thanks for the links to your friends sites, I used to have a business that resold canalboat art many years ago. I wonder if it was hers, I can't remember the name of the person after all this time! It was in St Nick's Market, Bristol, about 1991.
Jess xx

elizabeth said...

Dear Gretel, New Year's greetings.
So sorry I haven't commented for ages and ages.
Do hope things are going well for you.
The cake looks delicious!

Trailshome said...

Yummmm, that caked looked so yummy, and the cups and bowl all have such wonderful character.

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Hello Gretel,

Isn't it lovely meeting up with fellow bloggers? I agree with you, as I have met so many wonderful people on the internet that I never would have had the pleasure to know otherwise.

Love your mugs and pourer bowl..beautiful pottery and function to boot...gotta love that!

I hope to share a slice of chocolate cake with you someday...

Big HELLO to Andy

Janet xox

Charlotte said...

what a gorgeous bowl, my other half would be keen, he is a Ray Finch fan (your bowl reminds me of one).

Oh how I wished I lived nearer,Winchcombe Wool fair sounds fabulous. Although I am on short rations and am banned from spending at the moment so may not be a good idea to be any where near wool supplies.

Hope all is well, C xxx

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The only thing that could pull my eye away from that gorgeous clock dial was that chocolate cake. Sigh.

Rowan said...

That slipware bowl is really lovely, just the kind of thing I like. Must scribble down his name:)