The last fete

Well, not the last fete ever, but the last one of this summer. Not the most spectacular of events, but something to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Bric-a-brac stall

Pug dog


Who are you?

The book stall

English Setters and fan club

Noble nose


Three generations

A fine moustache

Old boys

Vintage car

Gentle giant

The car of my dreams!


The Time Sculptor said...

What fabulous observational photos! You have filled what looks like a slightly chilly day with bright sunshine and bags of personality :-)
Jane Gray

joanna said...

FABulous photos - love how your photos tell a story. Wonderful :) XxX

Cathy Holtom said...

The village fete immortalised and made into a storybook....lovely photos!

menopausalmusing said...

You are a girl after my own heart! About three years ago I took loads of photos of people sat on a straw bale at a country fair. There was one that was THE photo: the colours were just perfect: a man, his dog and the straw bale.......... trouble is, I think I must have gotten over-excited and when I got home I realised that I must have pressed some switch and my photos were all black and white. I love the moustache photo you took. You have captured the event beautifully.

Charlotte said...

Lovely post Gretel, you and me both on the car of your dreams (although I do hanker for a Morris traveller as well). The photos are fab, capturing the flavour of the day.

Thank you for the lovely card and button (my mum has fallen in love with your needle felting as well).

Best wishes for good sales and an enjoyable start to autumn.

tut-tut said...

great vest to go along with that moustache

Gerry Snape said...

I love the gentle giant! I want one!

rossichka said...

You told us about this event in the best possible way - by photos. You have the talent to catch significant moments, revealing the atmosphere of the whole, Gretel! I like the portraits of people most, especially the "Old boys" and the couple, having a rest... Thank you for the pleasure!:)

Laurel said...

What breed is the gentle giant, anyway? (Or is it "mixed breed", a.k.a. mutt?)

Lovely photos and there is something so English about some of them... wonderful for an Anglophile American like myself!

Trailshome said...

What a fun tour of the event. If I can't be there, I sure love having you as tour guide. Thanks for all the terrific pictures of the wonderful people.

The only thing missing was food! If it was America, every other stall would have been of some unhealthy, yummy, fattening food.

Frances said...

Gretel, I do like the look of all your photos of this end of summer village fete.

Our New York version, a bit morbid for some of us locals, but destined to help with the city economy, will be this Thursday's annual Fashion's Night Out. Not really a village fete, but originally set in place a year after the airplanes hit the twin towers, as a way to celebrate NYC as a fashion center.

(The 2001 September NYC big fashion shows were definitely taken off the calendar.)

Myself, I would just like us to move on this city, without having so many reminders, particularly those intended to drive commerce, of what was a horrible, horrible day.

That is why I so love your reporting on your village fete. xo

Caroline B said...

I just love these old style fetes and this looks like a good one.

Laurel - I think the 'gentle giant' is an Irish Wolfhound, my dream dog if I ever own a mansion....

Gretel said...

Thank you everyone! Yes, it's an Irish wolfhound Laurel, I would love to have one, if I could ever afford one or had the space. The only food there was of course, afternoon tea, in the hall, and an ice cream van. Which is all you need really. :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection of photos, perfectly capturing the occasion. I love all the dogs, but the pug has to be the cutest! I have to admit that I didn't notice the moustache at first - I was too dazzled by his sweater!!!

Threadwirecloth.blogspot.com said...

Beautiful observant photos Gretel. Irish wolfhounds are beautiful aren't they but my all time favourite is the english setter. All I've ever dreamed of forever. Ah well 40 next year..... Maybe one will turn up on the doorstep.......

Hope all well with you? Good summer? Xxx

Made.by.Fay said...

I love your pictures. It would be so fun to have a day like this.