'Don't worry old chap, not much longer to go!'.

Another week, another radio appearance! Back briefly on Radio Oxford, with the lovely Jo Thoenes, available on the BBCiPlayer until July 19th, blethering on about this blog. Fast forward to about 2.20 minutes in, after the 'F1WAG'.


Gerry Snape said...

but is he getting paid as much as the first...get the unions on it right away!!!

Caroline B said...

Glad it's not just me that leaves small woolly creatures impaled with very long needles around the house!
Well done on the 2nd radio appearance - it'll be the telly soon!

The Pea Pod said...

They'll be giving you your own show soon! ;)

Well done and good on ya x

tlawwife said...

Wow I got a mention! You did a great job.

Frances said...

Gretel, I am going to give my ears a treat this Friday, when I next have a day off, to see if I think you are blethering, blathering, or just as I suspect, talking great, good, generous sense.

Meanwhile, I do like the looks of that pair in the photo, who are revealing how is it is that they will reach their full creation.

I've also been keeping an ear and eye on recent media news over there, and so hope that some good will come out of the upheaval. Of course, we've got our own wrangles going on, and I am not at all sure that these will turn out well.

Hey, meanwhile, let us try to keep creativity going! xo

Soozcat said...

Lovely! In this case, both the goose surgery and the radio time. (You do very well on the radio, you know -- good voice, good cadence, and most importantly what you have to say is a treat.)

rossichka said...

Dear Gretel, my eyes were closing for a sleep, but I couldn't resist to hear your interview. It was very interesting to know your point of view about what blogging is about you, what it gives you, why you continue to blog for a sixth year now. Tomorrow I'll use the headphones in order to understand everything.:)
Now I have something special to tell you... I'm VERY HAPPY this evening!! Can you guess why?:))))) It's connected with you... Yes, I've got your book!! They brought it to me from England. I looked through the pages, smiling like a child! It is lovely!! Hurrah!:0)

Rowan said...

Great photo and comment:)