What's in the box?

Is this not a wonderful box? I wish I could say I'd picked it up for a farthing but it was a very indulgent early Christmas present from Andy, spotted by me, bought by him, half fainting as he paid for it in a lovely but somewhat pricey vintage shop which has opened in town.

I fell in love with it and knew exactly what I would do with it.

It is actually an old '
Betty's of Harrogate' box, though I am not sure if it contained chocolates as it is fairly large. Probably it held an assortment of teas, biscuits and other dainties. But now it is my bird box.

I have been persevering with my primitive geese and have finally sorted the pattern out. I can't claim it's been easy getting back into sewing - such a clunky way of making something, piece by piece, after the flow of needle felting. But I do like working with nice textiles.

I hope to have these and a very small selection of new needle felt designs in my Etsy shop in about two weeks time - after three months of being out of business with my arm being out of order, I need to get into the swing of things again.

Honk honk! (Sang the seven blind geese).


Anonymous said...

What a stunning box!! And I love that last photo - I'm looking forward to seeing them finished.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The perfect home for them!

ellen said...

Oh, lucky box to be holding those seven honking geese!
I am eager to see them too.
Best of everything to you, Gretel.

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Gretel, glad the sewing is all coming together, even if it doesn't come as naturally as needle felting, they are looking great.
The pic of them all in the box, makes me think of 4 and 20 Blackbrirds baked in a pie.
Box is great too. I bet it cost a pretty penny coming from Betty's when it was full of goodies.

Claire :)

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

What a wonderful gift from your man.
I love the green beaked one on the right..they will last about 30 minutes once listed in your Etsy shop, so be ready!

Excited to see your needle felted lovelies also.
I have been in the boxing ring with a head cold for the last few days....I think I'm winning the bout. First cold since 2008! I knew it was too good to last and that sooner or later someone would sneeze my way..Snap!

Be well and a big HELLO to Andy.

Janet xox

jfidz said...

Gretel's glorious gaggle greeting the morning sun. Can't wait to see them finished.

Julia Guthrie said...

Gorgeous box, I'm a sucker fot things like that too! :)

And the birds look wonderful already xx

Laurel said...

Your blog is such a pleasure to read!

Beautiful box, and adorable geese inside it. Can't wait to see more of them.

Dar said...

What a charming box. I love the embroidery work, a treasure filled with whimsical treasures of your own. Your primitive geese have such character with their colorful beaks.

Suze said...

Such a beautiful gift...made to hold something special, then and now. It's good to see you're able to get back to your primitive gooseys. Mine needs a friend as she watches me when I'm needleworking or baking!

Artheli said...

Wow that is a beautiful box!! I so love the colors! Looking forward to seeing how the geese turn out =)

Lauren Bradshaw said...

I have just found your amazing needle felted animals and wanted to tell you they are so lovely. I've been scared to felt legs but now I see it's possible to be done (very) well!

Deborah Lambson said...
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Deborah Lambson said...

I'll bet you're the best ever bed time story teller aren't you?~ <3


Fascia Berlin said...

I found your through Scoutle - I too am a felter - both wet and non - we're wet here in Maryland, USA with a big snowstorm - nothing compared to yours - but we just can't handle it! I'm looking forward to following you - and I adore your geese!AND your story.

rossichka said...

A lovely box for lovely "things"! And you made a good decision - your charming geese seem to have found their proper place, their "home". What a nice gift!
I have some feeling for old boxes, you know... I've found some at home recently, left by my father and Grandma. In fact I SAW them just now. And although they do not look as new ones, I probably will not repair them! Otherwise they will turn into something else... What do you think?:0)
I'm looking forward to see the geese when ready, as well as some new toys!

auntpearl said...

That box is just gorgeous!!! Your husband was so sweet to buy that for you...Lucky girl.
Those geese look very comfy.
Take care.

Merisi said...

Such a fitting home for your treasures!

I am so sorry to read that you had to suffer through such a long period of having your arm out of order!
I wish you health and strength throughout the still young year and beyond!

(School has been very intense and time to visit my blog friends very limited.)

Mariann Johansen-Ellis said...

thank you so much for your advice on my lack of blockprinting inks!! It's a great world where we share, and I have to say, i am so hapy it's not just me who tells my husband, gently and lovingly, what to get me for Christmas! Thank you, and hope your arm is soon alright..... must be awful to not be able to work....all my sympathy!

Frances Tyrrell said...

What a lovely "pick me up and take me home" item, and how nice that Andy did. The geese look right at home and ready for a story to be told about them (already expressive in their attitudes, with their hopeful inquisitive upturned beaks).
I hope your arm is well mended and improving, ready for spring work and play.

Anonymous said...

What a rather wondrous box.. and fantastic occupants too.
Hoping your arm continues to improve.