Make it Fishy!

Sometimes you do something and it rings a bell...the colours...the ambience...where have I seen these beachy-Boden colours before?

'Little Fishy' on Etsy (SOLD...thank you!)

Ah yes, my last sketchbook from college - fifteen long years ago...struggling to find 'my' colours. Faded paint, ice cream shades, the same colours I home in on now...you can keep your bright primaries, give me muted any day.

I had a fish phase...

pages from college sketchbook

...and it struck me that while there are birds and bunnies aplenty - on Etsy, blogs, crafting sites - fish are largely unloved. Are they cold and un-cute? Surely not.

Felt fish aquarium from 'the Big Book of Soft Toys' by Mabs Tyler

Do they lack vintage atmosphere? Hardly.

Andy's Grandad's brass fish lure

Do they lack panache? I don't think so.

Illustration from the Esquire cookbook 1956

Once, fish were loved, and found in every home.

1950's Vintage cushion cover

Their sophisticated elegance and beauty provided inspiration for myriad designs...

Vintage Anchor embroidery motifs

So where are the fish of the 21st century? Give me your fish: let them come in joyous, writhing shoals. Free the Piscine spirit within you, and make it fishy!

'Luna' on Etsy


Joanna said...

I like your colours, As for fish they are great too, Most my sketch books are full of rabbits! I did once used a fresh mackerel for referance, had to paint that quickly. Maybe I will paint some fish later.

kate smudges said...

Your sketchbooks were great fun to look at ... I like your fishy drawings... and the colour charts.

My fish begged and pleaded with me to add Little Fishy, so I broke down and acquiesced - this being Easter and we are all in need of a treat.

There is much excitement in our fish household... the dog doesn't seem to understand why the fish and I are so pleased with ourselves!

Happy spring ... and I hope your weather warms for a walk.

Susan Mitchell said...

Your fishy is lovely, great colours - and I have a feeling that you will sell as many as you can make :)

My little bunny was sewn- I will give needlefelting a try soon - I sew in the evening while I watch T.V. but heard that you have to focus on what you are doing with needlefelting if you don't want stabbed fingers!

Susan Mitchell said...

Oh, and I meant to say I love your new header :)

Rima Staines said...

A cheer of solidarity for muted colours :)
And fish:

Just wanted to add my ha'penny'sworth :)
Happy Easter to you dear Gretel and Andy

Rima Staines said...

And your fish is very marvellous :)

Caroline B said...

I'm with you on the fish - lots of my jewellery involves fish, and our house has alot of fish-related ornaments,pictures & toys. Have yet to knit a fish, although did knit a couple of nautilus(nautili??)
Fish rule! Love the felted fish mobile too.

Unknown said...

I just found your shop and now your blog and I am in love! You're needle felting is amazing and I have a newfound respect for the process after trying it for the first time yesterday.

I admit, I am one of those obsessed with birds and nests and such, but your fish have me inspired and I may just turn tide! :)

(Love the pages from your sketchbook!)

Anonymous said...

being a fish myself they are brilliant and once again you hit the nail spot on there! but then I'm bias and I love it

I'm liking that typeface on the tags as well...

happy Easter

Libbys Blog said...

I think fish aren't considered cuddly, there cold and wet!!!

but then

theres Nemo and Dory!! I like Dory she reminds me of 'me' forgetful!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it--does your medium make it a gefeltefish?

Frances said...

Hello PG, this is another example of how generous you are in sharing your art, and how it rises to surface from your vast imagination!

Fabulous fish. Klee is another artist in whose work fish swim or fly.

The soft colors are so appealing.
Here's another of my obvious observations ... fish belong in "water"colors.

Best wishes. xo

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Love your fish and your samples from the past. I had a job, once, to create a realistic fish mural so people could identify what sort of fish they'd snagged. I worked on it with a friend and we named all the fish. I could never get started until I'd got the eye. Fishy, fishy, fishy. Not cuddly, but very flashy.

Anonymous said...

I'm a tertiary girl, primaries occasionally but I LOVE your mutes!
And that vintage brass fish is amazing.

Anonymous said...

...and I meant to say that's a beautiful painting of the bunny with a fish head :)

Amongst The Oaks said...

Are you a Pisces? Your posts are so nice.
Thanks, from a Taurus, Laura

Soozcat said...

Soozcat loves fish; they are delish! (In more ways than one.)

Perhaps it is time to forge another Cosmic Fun Palace assortment...

Unknown said...

Your color palate reminds me of the current exhibit at the MoMA - you should have submitted it for consideration ;-) http://www.moma.org/exhibitions/exhibitions.php?id=3990

Anonymous said...

I think fish are cool and colorful. I like making them and they are cuddly, soft and squishy.
I really like the way you have found images of them from all times.

natural attrill said...

Hi G,
I have visited here a few times and cant remember if I have left a comment or not, but it appears not!
I love the retro images you've posted, esp the cushion cover, the cookbook, and Anchor motifs.
Someone else here mentioned Paul Klee, one of my favourite artists.
Looking forward to seeing more of your needlefelted creations, they are fab!

Sarah said...

love the fish fest, in france fish are for April fools day, they pin paper ones on peoples backs!
Hope all is well in the hovel, life as trailer trash is going ok apart from a painfully slow internet connection...which is doin my head in!

Elizabeth said...

What fishes!
the felt fish aquarium is splendidly unusual.
I like your little 'luna' boat in front of what looks like the white cliffs of Dover......

futuregirl said...

Wow! I love all those awesome fish illustrations. What a great collection of images.