Little deeds of kindness

And the weather here today is - wet and grey. Just time for a long walk before the Heavens opened. Roll on Midsummer.

We are officially better. Thank you so much for everyone's good wishes. We also officially have a new bathroom floor, after this -

I know, not very salubrious. This was before the plumber put some new boarding down. But nice not to have the floor sagging or the loo wobbling. Or dripping into the kitchen sink. Always nice not to have that.
How about this then - a lovely present mysteriously left at the Hovel door by the Strawberry Fairy? Strawberries, cream and shortbread, with a sweet little note...

(thank you Strawberry Fairy!)

...or this little piece of gorgeousness, an early birthday present - in my favourite burnt orange?

(thank you Penny)

On a sadder note, this perfect wild rose is for my recently departed online friend - and friend of many - Daisy Lupin, who delighted us with her musings and writing. She had so many gifts and so much love and beauty in her - I will miss her. Yet somewhere, I am sure, she is walking through a grassy meadow, with her little cat at her heels, listening to the wind rustling through the trees and wondering if the dream she just had was real.

'Ever drifting down the stream -
Lingering in the golden gleam -
Life, what is it but a dream?
(Lewis Carroll, 'Alice through the Looking Glass')


cläu said...

Hi "PG" (what does it means?) I don't know you.
But this blog is wonderful!!!
I really love the images
Thanks for your comments in my blog!
Sorry for my english

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so sad I didn't know Daisy Lupin but I'm sure she will be greatly missed and I offer my condolences to her friends and family. On a lighter note very pleased that you haven't got a loo leaking into your kitchen sink anymore!

Soozcat said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear about Daisy. I'd only had the chance to stop by her blog a few times. It's a bit hair-raising that the last sentence in her final blog entry was precisely the same as the last written line in my grandmother's journal, and for the same reason--"too tired to write any more."

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Joy for a life well lived, sadness in losing a friend...I do like your sentiment. I think it is for the sweet little things we do that we will be remembered.

OldBagNewTricks said...

It seems quite a few of my bloggy friends knew Daisy Lupin -- this is the third or fourth notice I've seen. I am so sorry for your loss. And sorry too for the recent round of food poisoning -- very wise of you to pass on the jarred tomatoes and berries, despite the lovely colors. I am catching up on my blog rounds now that the new baby is home with his sweet parents settling in. So I am here now, waving Hello from New Nanaland.