Rainy Sunday afternoon

excerpt from daily horoscope for Cancer Sunday May 13 2007

"This a good day to please yourself. The harsh realities of the everyday world do not appeal to you today, and you would enjoy escaping to a brighter and prettier world, which would do no harm."

Damn right! Who am I to argue with my daily horoscope? Although I'd already fulfilled it by the time I read it. Lo
oking for some ancient artwork from my very dim past - frankly, it could be anywhere. In a book? (which doesn't narrow it down in our house). In a portfolio (no). In a box? Hmm. So many boxes...I searched. I didn't find it. But delving into twenty years worth of collected ephemera (such a nice word and more pleasant than 'junk') I found a few treasures I'd picked up for future inspiration. I have no truck with the exasperated 'you never use this, why don't you get rid of it?' Things always come in handy. Eventually. If only for looking at...

This next was a good find as I am thinking about trying my hand at designing and hand printing simple fabric, retro-style...I love 1950's patterns possibly more than any other.

I even found this, which a certain
Border Tart may recognise as a relic from an early venture...(about seven years ago I'd say). And yes, it was delicious. I can still taste it now, all crumbly and lemony...although I think we agreed it was more tablet than fudge. Tablet being harder and more Scottish - fudge being softer and more Western. No nationality comparisons meant at all.

Now here is an old, rather crude venture into paper cutting - a leftover Christmas card from 2000 - that was the year I made everyone homemade sweets, and had more time on my hands. (Did I ever really have the leisure time to make various flavoured fondants and hand dip them in chocolate?)

And finally these little darlings, just snippets picked up from a dealer in Reading

All of which is a bit irrelevant to my original intention of finding the old artwork. I was going to write a post about how much I am enjoying papercutting, and finding my old sketchbook full of silhouette designs. How the first really 'me' art I did was when picked I up an ink brush when I was seventeen and...but that will have to wait until next time.

For everyone if the UK which has been mightily rained on...for all you Canadian, US, Australian and New Zealand mothers, celebrating Mother's Day or remembering lost ones...for anyone who feels the "need to escape to a brighter and prettier world" - I give you a very small snapshot of our woods, covered in a gauze of bluebells. Acres and acres of them.


Exmoorjane said...

Beautiful bluebells....and wow, so much interesting stuff to explore on your blog.....where to start?! Well, maybe by saying YES to Children of the Stones....didn't think anyone else rememebred it. Fabulous stuff - and the strange gasping voice background music!
All best

natural attrill said...

I love those 50's designs!

June said...

Thanks for the bluebells... just what I needed to cheer me up.
Yes.... it has been raining an awful lot in Bristol too.
My hens are getting webbed feet!

gilfling said...

I adore your blog!! Just recently discoverd after looking through every single one of your epic studio move photo's. I too am one of the UK etsy gang and lovely it is to have you amongst us. Those bluebell woods are just a beautiful image. Looking forward to seeing all you lovely work.

julie said...

Great bluebell shot - there's something so beautiful about a bluebell wood on a damp spring morning - you can definitely believe in fairies when walking through with the ferns brushing your legs. Love the fabric idea - sounds like a winner to me.

Cotswoldgent said...

Your picture of bluebells sums it all up, my favourite time of the year.....Thankyou.

SueC said...

Sounds like you're having fun. I like the fabric idea ...I hope you give it a go.

Are you up for a cyber game?

In which case...tag.

(You need to check on my blog to find out what to do)

OldBagNewTricks said...

Your bits and pieces are a delight. It's always more entertaining to dig through someone else's ephemera. And thank you so for the Bluebells and the Happy Mother's Day Greeting.


Maya said...

Those 50 patterns are gorgeous - You live in a treasure chest of words and images :)

Aaron Paquette said...

Henry and the policeman!

Cathy said...

What a wonderful set of finds. Those 50's prints are absolutely fantabulous - I also checked out the Tart's Tales blog, which I thought was wonderful!

Suffolkmum said...

Fantastic blog and pictures (and by the way, I love Children of the Stones too, found my old copy the other day!)

Anonymous said...

At least you remembered what you were looking for in the first place...I'll do the same thing, come across things long forgotten, spend ages poking through everything and then completely forget what I was searching for in the first place. If your photos show only a smidgen of the goods you have packed away, then I'd love to volunteer to help you out in the next round.
Thanks for the lovely bluebell greeting.