Almost unseasonal

Finding myself unemployed and almost penniless, I have actually managed to design a set of three Christmas images in time for the season. Nearly. Just one more to go. I'm going to be getting these printed up into bijou cards, and will be selling in sets of 6 and 12, so watch this space. Let me know if you'\re interested. They'll be no more than 6 UK pounds ($11.00 US) for a pack of 12 with envelopes and all, and three UK pounds ($5.50 US) for a pack of six. This is the start of my little card company I dreamt of a few years ago, Red Flannel Elephant - next year I'll be going full-wing.

'Three Kings'

'Angel Cat'

Due to a wave of nasty recurring headaches, (trepanning anyone?) I've been off the old PC for a bit. So apologies to my favourite blogs, if I haven't been round or commented. They are starting to clear up now, so normal service will resume shortly.


Soozcat said...

Oh, I love your Three Kings! Let us know when you have cards made up; I'd definitely buy some.

Gail said...

Love the cards Gretel! Good luck with them ... and hope the headaches get better too ... ;)

I've got a week away from work next week, we're going away (self catering) and am hoping to get all sorts of my own "stuff" underway. My brain hurts with all the ideas up there that I don't have the time (+ money) to get out! Fingers crossed I'll get at least some of it done xx

natural attrill said...

Hi gretel,
My dads got some nice, big, rusting, industrial drill bits if you want to borrow some!!

Gretel said...

:)) Thanks Toby! I might very well have taken you up on that last week when my poor head needed it!

natural attrill said...

Put me on your list, I will buy some cards please. Angel cat is lovely, the colours are so soft.

joanna said...

Please put me on the list too - they are both absolutely adorable, but I am particularly fond of 'Angel Cat' - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gretel,
I would love to buy a package of your cards. Please let me know when they are available.

Hope you feel better.
Take care,

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

please put me down for your enchanting cards and let me know how to order when they are ready. I hope the headaches are better soon!!!

Miss Robyn said...

Hey Gretel - me thinks you need some faerie magick healing for that head of yours. Leave it with me - xoxo

Becky said...

Those are gorgeous Gretel, beautiful colours too, do the Three Kings have Three French Hens to go home to? :¬) I'm looking forward to seeing the third design too.

I hope your poor head feels better very soon and that you get some interesting and well-paid new commissions very soon. I could do with some as well.

Cathy said...

Stunning, stunning cards, Gretel!

Sorry to hear about your headaches, and get well soon.

tlchang said...

Hey Gretel - hope you are all better now! Love the idea of Christmas cards. I have a number of friends that I send chicken/rooster stuff to - (can I get sets with just fowl?) - so put me down as well.

Gordon Fraser said...

Let me know when the cards are ready Gretel, I'll buy some of ya! (haven't you got any commissions on at the mo?)

Cotswoldgent said...

Hi Gretel, Put me down for some please. Let us know when your ready...........Looks like your going to be busy!

The fabric of my life said...

Gorgeous cards Gretel. I look forward to seeing them available for sale. I shall be in the queue!

I hope your headaches get better soon. Have you tried seeing a homoepath?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell- have you been concentrating too hard on all your lovely artwork?!
I love the chicken card- but then I would, wouldn't I!

Tea said...

Lovely! Hope your headaches are going away.


Debs said...

So sorry to hear your suffering from recurring headaches Gretel, have you tried Migraine Kool’n’Soothe They are soft gel sheets that you apply to the forehead and it immediately provides a cooling effect that last up to 6 hours, I can vouch they do work. Found this link that explains a bit better http://sauvigne.notlong.com they are about £3.00. And please put me on your list, I would like some of your lovely cards.

Gretel said...

What a lovely bunch of bloggie friends I have! Debs, thanks for that link, I may very well invest in some of those, better than shovelling paracetimal down me throat...

Becky said...

Hello again, I forgot to say, please add me (and my Mum too) to the list of people who'd snap up the Three Kings cards as soon as they're available! Looks like you're going to have to have a few print runs of those.

Tart said...

Guess what, Ash dog needs three kings cards for deserving folks this Christmas! Sorry about the headaches - fellow sufferer sympathises

Maya said...

Beautiful cards Gretel! :o)

The birdie kings are fantabulous!!

I want some please!!!
Please post a note when you have them ready!!



Lo said...

I love your card designs.
Please email me when you have stock available.