Settled. What a lovely word. We are settled again. The Hovel is almost spacious, thanks to our Big Clearout...even the hideous stereo system was taken in the end, thanks to Freecycle. What a difference to the chaos of ten days ago.

Main sofa is occupied by two of the more important members of the household, one ginger, one black. Window bay occupied by two nice but fragile Victorian chairs. Now we can get into corners we haven't seen since we moved in, four years ago.

Settled. Weekend guests came, were lovely and went. The Hidden Haven auction pictures arrived safely in America, and have a lovely new home with Connie and Rob. The auction raised $1,000 dollars, which is wonderful. It has been passed on to the good people at the Crazy Cow Farm, who need it for extra medication; times like this I really appreciate our NHS, despite it's flaws.

Settled. My good friend Rima (at last!) has a lovely new website, The Hermitage, where she is displaying her gorgeous mediaeval styled artworks and artefacts. See if you can find the site entrance, cunningly hidden. I wish I had the money to do a Charles Saatchi and buy up her entire collection - but if I could purchase just one thing it would be this - a scrolling story encased in a house on wheels which turns as the wheels revolve. Utterly, gorgeously bewitching.

Settled. The Autumn Equinox has come and gone, and I'm sure it is no coincidence that all of a sudden my concentration skills have returned, and rather like Rima's storyhouse, the wheels of the Hovel are running smoothly again. I had put my flibberty-gibberty-ness down to the upset of re-arranging the Hovel, and not having any paying work. But then I read Daisy Lupin's post about the Dark Moon, and knew that I just had to sit it out. It would pass. Now it is Monday and I am painting again. More strange toys to join Buttercup. Watch out for Koko, coming soon.

Settled. My 'real' jobs have started to come home. Those vital bits of printed artwork, which are the key to getting more work. Soon I should have a whole folio of published work, and can start another round of self promotion. I didn't have a single piece of 'proper' work a year ago, so there's been some progress. I was thrilled to receive copies of the 'City Mouse and Country Mouse' re-tell cards - I wonder if I will ever get over the joy of seeing my work printed? The quality is excellent and the colours are almost an exact match, which is something when you consider that they were scanned in on my home scanner and e-mailed for reproduction.

There is just one tiny thing which is not settled...I am in need of one more volunteer for the first Society of Secret Fairies parcel exchange...just one...now, who will fly through my window first..?

EDIT - I think I have solved my fairy logistics, thank you! Joy, I need you to contact me via my profile, with details please.


Anonymous said...

please could it be me? I dont have a blog yet but I'm working on it.
ps. I love your hovel!

tlchang said...

Your 'settling' looks lovely, homey and personalized. That always feels so very good to have done. I've been itching to do so here - but will have to wait until after deadlines to tackle anything on a large scale.

I read Daisy Lupin's post on the moon as well, and decided that I was definately being affected. I must say, I do feel somewhat better now.

Congrats on seeing your stuff in print (and printed well!)

The fabric of my life said...

I love your cosy looking cottage but I need answers. What do you keep in those jars next to the woodburner? What is the swan? It all looks fab. Your cat is almost camouflaged on your sofa :-)

natural attrill said...

Those re tell cards look lovely.
What is Rima's house made of, metal? ceramic?
Like Donna, I was also wondering about the swan.
Must feel really good to have your place so sorted, I wish someone would do mine!

joanna said...

Oh, it looks beautifully cozy and comforting; having a good clearout/sort is very cathartic, I'm finding! LOVE the re-tell cards - it must be such a thrill to see your beautiful artwork in print :)

Miss Robyn said...

I am in the middle of getting a little package to send off the end of this week to my secret fairy! love looking into your home - it is just lovely xo

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

I love seeing inside peoples homes this way (I must be part voyuer), heehee..I am sure it feels wonderful to have things sorted and feeling cozy again. It's so charming!
I can't imagine the joy at having something you've done in print...a dream of mind forever yet never pursued. I hope to own one of your illustrations one day - I missed out on the auction ones.

Rosa said...

Your prints look devine. I can't even imagine the joy of seeing your own hard work pay off and have other people ooogling over it. Cheers. Your cottage looks absolutely transformed. How lovely. I could sit for hours chatting with you by a warm fire, cup of tea and strumming through your artwork. It all looks so deliciously comfy. Cheers. I too feel better this day. I knew it would all pass at some point, us being a tad scattered, that is. And one more, Cheers! (I already have a partner, or else I would jump in!)

Gretel said...

Hi Joy, if you'd like to e-mail me your details via my profile, I think (fingers crossed) that I will be able to partner you up. You can send me a blog link when you are set up.

Dons, you would have such fun with all the junk we still have here..Mr Swan I picked up froma Newcastle junk shop, (14 years ago) he has a hollow box between his wings and was part of a pile of old theatre props. I just had to have him, but he has gotten very battered over the years and needs some repair. The jars usualy hold dried fruit, seeds and nuts, but I need to do some squirrel shopping and get some more. And Clover gets sat on a lot, as she is usually on the sofa and she does blend in so well...but she is very soft!

Penny, I think Rimas house is wooden, I will check with her. I would volunteer to do your house, but I am only just recovered from doing ours...as Joanna says, it is VERY cathartic.

Rosa, I would love to sit chatting round a fire with you, we would get through so many pots of tea! It IS a relief to finally get my work printed, after ten years of trying I thought it would never happen!

hugs to you all,

G :)

Gail said...

It all looks so homely Gretel!

We've been doing a bit of a clear out at ours too - it's just been so crammed since I moved in 2 and a half years ago - 2 people's "stuff" in one small one bedroomed house ... we both love books, and have hundreds between us ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the publicity my dear... ;-)
My house on wheels is wooden - with a tooled and stained surface. The cogs that drive the scroll are wooden too - resulting in a rather wonky mechanism!
Gretel - your career struggle gives me hope to continue... but ofcourse you deserve all your successes and more besides - you are immensely talented.
I'd love to join you all for a fireside natter... you know I have had Big Turmoils lately too - dastardly moon!
ANd well done on the TidyUp :-)

Daisy Lupin said...

Your cottage looks beautiful after the clear out and very comfy I think I could quite happily flop on one of those sofas with a cat, of course, and have a browse through your books.
I love your friends wooden house, it is exquisite, so different.

Anonymous said...

Gretel, beautiful cottage, all tidy and calm. Thanks for the torch in the forest leading to Rimas fantastic site, I am enthralled, isnt she fantastic!
Isnt it great seeing your work printed, the cards look good.

Tea said...

It looks so fantastically cozy in your home! And you art is so wonderful and whimsy and baby toad is so cute. Haven`t seen one of those in a long while.


Soozcat said...

Freecycle is such a boon--both for getting rid of stuff and for finding various intriguing goodies.