Paper cutting

I've recently discovered the wonderful world of decorative paper, as used in scrapbooking. Reg has inspired me to start paper cutting, and I'm going to start work on a new style portfolio next year, to run alongside my watercolour work. It's really exciting finding a new technique to explore, and I fear I'm going to get a bit obsessed by gorgeous paper patterns...


Maya said...

Envy-envy-envy :)
I love patterned and textured paper Gretel!Those you have posted look absolutely gorgeous!

I am thinking of doing some collage work too. I was heavily into collage sometime ago, and left it out a bit so I could focus on my painting.But I do miss it...
arrrggg...I am all fired up now!!haha.

I was thinking of making my own textures and printing them onto paper...maybe you could give that a try to, with your gorgeous watercolour techniques, they would be heavinly :)
(sorry for very long post! Am getting a bit tooo excited)

Anonymous said...

Thats what i was going to say too- the papers wonderful and you could paint print your one patterns. I love looking for new patterns to paint. Have fun with it and I look forward to seeing the results.

tlchang said...

Ooohhhh! Paper! I have a full-out paper fetish, and must watch myself closely when passing stores that sell any sort of them (including office supply stores. Paper! Pens! Erasers! Yippee!)

Have fun, and try not to get thoroughly seduced if you wish to return to your painting! :-)

The fabric of my life said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous card that plopped onto my mat yesterday. It's so gorgeous I think I will frame it. And your paper cutting, stunning!

I'm glad you liked the lavender bundle. It was grown in our garden this year and was such a heady scent. I think lavender is my favourite smell. I put it in some vintage 1950's fabric for you. I usually make lavender hearts every year but haven't found time this year so lavender bundles are the order of the day. Enjoy :-)