New Year's Eve

A long walk, on a lovely mild winter's day: the best way to think about the New Year and the old. Realising that, in many ways, 2005 was pretty gruelling and stressful. Money seemed to disappear faster than we could earn it, and I was on a short leash waiting until it was safe t
o go freelance. I've got a good feeling about 2006. I'm going to plant tomato seeds soon.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, wherever you are.


tlchang said...

Happy New Year's to you! (It's still 90 minutes from midnight here!) I love the pictures you post of your environs! It is so lovely and country and spacious feeling. (Can you tell that I live in a much more densely populous place? I get clausterphobic after awhile).

Gretel said...

Hi Tlc! I got your lovely card and wonderful toads, thank you so much. I'd go potty if I had to live in town again, so I'm glad the pictures bring some relief!

Francesca said...

A very happy new year to all of you (bears included). Tomato seeds! Oooh. That's so much more exciting than a NYEve party and amounts to much the same thing -- a celebration of renewal and of good things to come (if I remember to water them).

The fabric of my life said...

Happy New Year Gretel. Hope it's a lovely one for you. I am loving your new pictures, they are scrummy :-)