A walk in the woods

Sunday was a golden day, when summer and autumn decided to play together nicely like good children. They even shared their toys; summer brought along some late butterflies and opened the last hedgerow flowers, while autumn scattered his first bright leaves and pushed up a gorgeous array of toadstools.
After a mind numbing 12 years in retail management, Andy is starting to draw again. So armed with drawing board and assorted pencil type things, we visited the local nature reserve.

I left
him in front of a tree stump and pottered off in search of fungi. There are 200 species to be found here. Here is the Stagshorn fungus -

an hour or so, even I had had enough of the wonders of mycology and returned to find the first step on the road to recovery.


Lorna said...

Drawing is such a good vice. Congratulations Andy!

Anonymous said...

From one who is totally unable to have any type of creative thoughts other than in the kitchen i would consider it not a vice at all, more of a talent or gift - whichever way - Andy Mac.. outstanding!