'Miss Pink'

Finished another small picture, a rather kooky mad looking cat - my toys seem to be getting a bit odder. I present 'Miss Pink'. Looking a bit - spaced.

Last week I was asked to contribute to a charity auction in aid of the Welsh children's hospice, Ty Hafan. At first I was going to send an existing work, but then it became obvious what was needed - a lovely toy Welsh dragon on wheels! I've never done a dragon before - I wonder if he'll be fierce or cute.


Aaron Paquette said...

I love it!

I'm sitting here laughing at that priceless expression.

Magpie Magic said...

Love the cat. :-) She's cute without being sugar sweet and has just enough of an edge to be different and special, like all your work. :-)

Thanks for your comment on my demon skull by the way. :-)