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The Numptys have arrived in New York! A grand ticker tape parade was held in their honour, with a thousand majorettes twirling batons, headed by the girl with the moon on a stick and her cat. Feeling rather alarmed at all the attention, they were whisked off in a stretch limo to their new home, where a nice cup of tea restored their nerves. They will be looked after by fellow blogger Excellent Walker, and are looking forward to their new frame; they will feel safer behind glass.

Also from New York - the first spreads for 'Woodland Creatures' - everything so far has been done entirely over the internet, so it was a bit strange to have 'real live' layouts in my hand. I'm really enjoying this project, as it is the one I am allowed to put more of 'me' in. The more I draw them, the more I get to 'know' the characters, and what they'd do in different situations.

Today I'm finally posting a sheet of sketches out to our friends in Chicago. These are a set of pencil drawings taken from photos of their first child, her first three years. It's taken me two years to get round to sending them this...here are a couple of vignettes - this is me drawing 'properly'.

I met this little girl for the first time at the Devon wedding, and she still has this charming way of catching her bottom lip - she'll probably be doing it when she's all grown up - these things stay with us, without us even realising.

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