My last day of retail

...And so, my last day at the shop. Truth to tell, I am not sorry - although I will miss working with 'the morning ladies' who are the backbone of the store. We had lots of laughs together. I was so touched when they presented me with a lovely cyclamen, and a bar of my favourite chocolate - Green and Black's 'Maya Gold', an organic dark bar with orange overtones and warm spices. Tomorrow is the first of October and my new life as an independent artist. As they say - back to the drawing board.

'Good Luck' card, cyclamen, chocolate and my old supervisor badge.


lorna said...

hurray for you!
Now that you are officially an independent artist may I remind you to leave the house once in a while- it does the world of good.

Francesca said...

A thousand hoorays and much kowtowing and respect to the artist living an artist's life. This is so wonderful.

Ed loves Maya Gold too.

Gretel said...

...Leave the house..?! Sorry, don't understand. There is no other world...where's that chocolate? ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Gretel!! (What the hells a cyclemen?)

Gretel said...

Oh Goth! They are pretty flowers which are seen on flowershops round about now...they grow wild in Greece. (see the nice white petally things in the photo...)

They don't come in black though!

Not very Gothical. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Now I see!!! (I thought it was some sort of walkman thingy!?!)

DOH!! They're very nice anyway! (PAINT THEM BLACK!!)