Home sweet home

Well, here we are back home. Our first foreign holiday has been interesting, we've learned a few things about planning and budgeting. What really made a difference was having a friendly soul look after the hovel and its various inhabitants. The cats were totally chilled out, through having company, and there was none of the dusty, dead feeling that is usual on return. For me, the highlight of the holiday was learning that I'm a natural snorkeller. I saw a small octopus in the shallows of Limnonari beach, and could have spent days floating about - like a manitou, as Andy rather succinctly put it.

Actually, I'm sure he meant dugong - although it comes to the same thing...We missed the cats dreadfully. But there were numerous little friends to keep us company, especially at lunch time.

Most days were spent buzzing about the winding tracks and roads on a rickety trial bike, finding beaches and bumping into the occasional herd of goats. The island is lavishly wooded with pine and wild herbage whose burnt, sagey aromas waft about the island in warm gusts.

Andy rediscovered the lost art of skimming pebbles.

That's quite enough holiday photos...now it's back to normality, a hopefully quiet autumn and a new freelance life.


lorna said...

welcome back!
How exciting to come back from a lovely holiday, to a life as as full time illustrator.

Alison Ashwell said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday. Seeing octopuses is really exciting