Garlic triumphant!

A few weeks ago, we dug up a bulb of garlic - only to be disappointed with its size. It had been planted in autumn 2004, and we thought the paucity of the soil led to the smallness of the bulb. But a few heavy rain falls have made all the difference and now that the top foliage has died back, Andy lifted the crop this morning.

We harvested about 21 bulbs, all of good size. They've been trimmed, washed and when they're dry, I'll attempt to plait them into something rustically decorative.


Francesca said...

They're beautiful! Congratulations.

Gretel said...

Thank you! Some people take photos of their children...we take them of our veg...hmmm.

Francesca said...

Some advantages of vegetables over children:

They stand still when you want to take their picture.

You can eat vegetables.

Vegetables also need food, water and love but if you go on holiday for two weeks, they don't complain if the neighbor takes care of them.

Vegetables don't argue about eating their veggies because they oughtn't eat other vegetables because that would be, um, cannibalism...

I think I should stop there.

Gretel said...

LOL!!! :-))