The snail emerges

So, here we are already in November and I’ve been away from here for some time. But, like a seemingly deceased snail that slowly pokes its head out of its shell unexpectedly, it’s time to surface again. There are so many things I have to do, that I get overwhelmed and then tired and then guilty for not having more energy, more organisational skills, something more interesting to say. And then I wonder, would anyone notice if I disappeared from here? But, like the aforementioned snail, I creep on, feeling the weight of my shell and resisting the urge to hide away forever in it’s safe, dark coil. 

I’ve been catching up with the many things that were neglected when my book took precedence over everything. I’ve painted and felted, drawn and designed, rested and read and had the odd bit of socialising.   

There is a mythical part of my future where I am caught up with everything - all my shop stock listed, all my Patreon pledges up to date, all my ideas down on paper and having something original to say every day for the wheel of social media that never stops turning. But for now, I will be content that I have raised my snail head, said hello to my dear old blog and slowly slither on.

For regular weekly postings and a more confidential 'behind the scenes' look at my quiet, cottage life, you can become a 'Seed' subscriber to my Patreon page, for a small monthly contribution of £3 per month or go up a level and save towards one of my needle felted pieces. It's a nice, safe place with friends and helps me pay the bills.


floraHerbarius said...

I would like to become a "Seed" subscriber when my own economy improves a little bit. For the time being I feel almost like a snail myself and find your description so incredibly accurate, concerning the urge of hiding in a coil and feeling guilty for many things. Actually, I think your art of writing is just as admirable as your painting and felting art. And - it is certain that a great number of us "followers" would miss you if you should disappear!
Hugs from Hildegunn

Gretel said...

Ah, thank you Hildegunn and hugs to you too - don’t worry, I won’t be leaving this blog, in fact, now I am getting more up to date, I hope to be posting more - I’m so glad my writing gives you pleasure. x

Lin said...

I hope you aren't giving up the blog because I enjoy it too! I'd love to monetarily support all of the artists that I follow, but sadly, that would leave me broke. Seems that everyone is doing patreon pages/access these days. I understand the need, but I miss the good old days of blogging instead. Always enjoy your work, Gretel!

Granny Sue said...

I am so glad you did the patreon page, Gretel. All of us want to support artists but often it's out of our reach. Patreon makes it affordable. Even my husband signed up.

All your pieces and your art are so whimsical I sometimes want to live in that magical land inside your head.

Jess said...

Hi Gretel, It’s so lovely to see that blogland is still here. I’ve recently become bewildered by the ever increasing speed of the social media wheel.😕 It’s exhausting and exasperating how our posts are gone from view in a flash! I think you’re amazing how you fit everything in and make beautiful things too! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. x