In search of blue

In search of blue on a November day, I went walking hereabouts. Lowering clouds clung to the cap of Caer Caradoc.

 Across new shoots, a thin patch of sky over an isolated farm.

 Over wintering sheep grazing, fat and content in the emerging sun.
 Farmhouse chimneys, warm and red .

Nearing home. Suddenly the sun sweeps widely across the fields, and all is a blaze of cerulean, green and gold.

And there it is, where you least expect it; a large stone glowing coldly in the dirt path; icy aqua, a glacier in miniature and I have found my blue.


Betty the Wood Fairy said...

What a lucky find! That is indeed glacier blue and was meant for you :)

Gerry Snape said...

Lovely walk and super pics Gretel.xx

Granny Sue said...

Oh, I do hope the stone went home with you? What a pretty thing.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Hope you are keeping well and are busy with Christmas preperations. Jean

Saffa Barkhordar said...

I love collecting stones! I hope that one came home with you, it's beautiful 💙 xxxx