Jam on a grey day

A grey day, brightened only by the red rambling rose scrambling over the fence. The much needed rain has finally arrived. Time to find a favourite book.

Somewhere in the freezer, last summer's gooseberries.

Deep in the depths of a store cupboard, rather old jam sugar, solidified into blocks.

Some gentle rolling.

 Looking alarmingly like a pan full of small frogs.

At last, after much boiling, it comes together. Somewhat runny, but with a tart sweetness.

Lumpy, bumpy rolls, soft and floury.



Moonroot said...

Oh my goodness, that looks delicious! I'm hankering for gooseberry jam now - I have some gooseberries ripening in the veggie patch but they're not ready yet. And laughing aloud at the pan of small frogs! :)

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Like me you're a great believer in using things past their BB dates. If it looks and smells okay, eat it. We are lucky enough to have a few inherited goosegog bushes in our garden, and I use mine usually to make a fruit compote, together with any other fruits i might have. Absolutely smashing with pancakes. Plus a very cheap meal.

Granny Sue said...

Oh. My. That does look good. I cant grow gooseberries here, it's illegal because they spread some kind of disease to pine trees. But years ago I did grow them and the birds naturalized them around the area. I never get any berries though, because of said birds. I do love a good ripe gooseberry though.

Soozcat said...

Gooseberries and blackcurrants are difficult to find in the USA (though not impossible). They are delicious, though. We'll have to drown our sorrows in local blackberries and blueberries when they ripen at the end of the summer.

(They really DO look like little frogs! Reminiscent of the old "how to boil a frog" tale...)