Butterfly confusion and the Mandela Effect

Have you ever heard of the Mandela Effect’? It’s a bit brain-twisty, but it’s one of my favourite conspiracy theories. Alternate universe kind of thing, worth looking up if you’re interested. Anyhow, last year, I discovered that the butterfly I’d always thought of as a Red Admiral, was actually a Painted Lady and that the Painted Lady was a Red Admiral. And I’d believed this ever since I was old enough to learn butterfly species, so really, most of my life. Or several decades.

How I managed this, as a self proclaimed nature lover,  I really don’t know, and to be honest, it’s so ingrained in me that I still think of these pretties as Red Admirals. Although since posting them to my Instagram feed and proudly declaring them to be Painted Ladies, a kind friend who really is an expert in these things told me (gently) that they were, in fact, Small Tortoiseshells. Anyway, these two butterfly things were happily suckling away on the thyme flowers this morning, and I crept up to quietly capture them in the best possible way. 

As for my life long mis-identification of Red Admirals etc, I am partially convinced that there has been some kind of Mandela Effect thing going on, and once upon a time I was correct in my belief,  before we slipped into what is our present day universe. I am, in a nutshell, slightly confused - but these are not Red Admirals. Or Painted Ladies.


Lilbitbrit said...

I love your post, I think I've been there too.

School on the Heath said...

I wonder what they call themselves?

Tiffany Dawn Smith said...

Ah, yes. Quite familiar. Do you recall the BerenstAin bears or the BerenstEin bears? ;)