A restorative bout of nature

Thank you for the good wishes regarding Joe. It's been a while since I posted, as July and August (so far) have been punctuated with worrying hospital visits and tests. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with an ongoing health issue, which will never go away, so we are readjusting our lives and hoping that his employers will accommodate this. It's yet another uncertain episode in our lives and future here, just when we thought we had reached calm waters. 

To take our minds off things for a while, Jean and Brian-next-door drove us over to a nature reserve a few miles away.

We settled ourselves into one of the public viewing shacks and spent a pleasant time distracting ourselves from our day to day problems, watching the many varieties of waterfowl that occupy the lake. We were thrilled to see a kingfisher fly past the shack, not once, but twice - far too fast for me to even pick up my camera. Swans are more obliging when it comes to scenic photographs. 

Joe and I went off to investigate the smaller hut, where you can watch the little woodland birds. However, as it was a late summer afternoon, there was only one bird feeding, a Greater Spotted Woodpecker.


Bumble bee bottoms were everywhere, as they enjoyed the giant teazels and wild growth that is growing in abundance now. 

On the viewing shack, a dragonfly and peacock butterflies soaked up the warmth from the dry wood. 

Just before we headed home, I wandered up to the top field, to capture some more views.  As usual, the Wrekin was poking its head up - it is the major landmark of Shropshire and easy to spot if you're in a central location.

So we go into August with some apprehension, but hoping that now Joe has a diagnosis, we can settle down into another 'new normal'.


Lin said...

Well, I hope that you and Joe overcome the obstacles of his health issue. It's nice that you have good neighbors who look out for you and take you on adventures to get your mind off things. Beautiful countryside!

Lilbitbrit said...

Calm waters never seem to last too long in life. Hope that things work out to adjust to the new norm of living with a health issue. Hope all goes well with his work, always of concern. What a lovely day out and it does seem you have very lovely neighbors, always a great plus. I saw a hummingbird this morning such tiny creatures, popped around a few flowers and off it went. No time for a picture. But what a joy just to see. Wishing you both all the best.

Granny Sue said...

I've just got caught up with your posts, and am so glad Joe is doing better. What a scare for you both.