One potato, two potato

This week we picked the first courgette in the new vegetable patch.

It is quiche weather here, so the usual eggs were beaten up with a sprinkling of my first harvest of thyme and some chopped chives.

I had some left over pastry in the freezer, which is always a blessing; I greased the quiche tray with olive oil, giving it a nice summery flavour; that is why it appears a little translucent. In went the sliced courgette, with the herby, cheesy egg mixture.

We held our breath as we dug up the first early potato plant. Had anything grown? It had!

There were just enough potatoes on that first plant for both of us. The first ones I've grown since 2011, before moving here.

 And the quiche turned out well too. Another small step in the right direction.


Lilbitbrit said...

All looks very good and tasty. Lovely to use what's in the garden. Wishing you a good summer.

Karren said...

That looks so very delicious! Nothing like having those wonderful herbs to flavor a dish.

frayed at the edge said...

Oh - that does look good! You just can't beat potatoes straight from the garden!!