A lot of motorbikes

 Last Sunday we drove out with Brian-next-door to our regular auction.

There was the usual mix of good things, bad and frankly bizarre things. 


I could only find a few things that I wanted, so after marking my sheet, we went outside where more interesting things were going on.

The UK attempt to beat the world record for an all female bike rally. Of course, there were plenty of blokes there, but only actual women bikers were registered for the count. It was a very happy occasion and I could have stayed outside taking pictures for much longer, had the auction not been about to start.

We were outside long enough to hear the tally of 1,132 recorded riders, beating a previous Australian meet up (of 1,002 riders). Bikes had come from all over the UK, of every shape, type and size. 

By the time we emerged, everyone was setting off home. I did manage to snag a couple of the things I wanted in the auction - but I enjoyed the bikes more. 


frayed at the edge said...

I think there are more motor bikes than I have seen in my entire life!!

BumbleVee said...

Oh, man...makes me wish I still had my bike... A Vulcan 500 Kawasaki it was. Sold it a few years ago now..

However, I did see a great Ural and sidecar that I am in love with.... check them out online sometime...

You must get a bike some day Gretel.... I'm serious....