Winter needle felt workshop

It's been a quiet January and I've been having some private 'hermit' time. Sometimes its good to take a step back from online life and 'get on' with things. However I was winkled out of my cave last weekend to do a local, private workshop in Shropshire.  Rather nice not have to catch a train somewhere, and to be able to return home on the same day.

It was a very nice group to work with and after four hours, I was very pleased with the results.

As you may have noticed, fan tails were a common theme. I've amended my basic chicken pattern and it seemed to give scope for more 'off-piste' creativity. all the more impressive when only one person out of the group of nine had any experience of needle felting at all, so for the majority, this was their first creation.

It's always a bit of a flurry at the end of a workshop; people are a bit tired after so much concentration and naturally, there is a clamour for photos. But I managed to get a line up of all the lovely chickens in a row.

I only have two workshops lined up for this year, so far. They are both 'baby hare' courses and run all day. The first is on March 2nd, in Shrewsbury, so another local one for me. The second is somewhat further away on the other side of the country, in Norfolk on March 25th. At the moment there are three spaces left on each one. Details and booking links can be found on my workshops page here


rossichka said...

Hello, Gretel! Nice to see you've been having a quiet start of the year with this successful workshop as a fresh pattern! I like the creations of your students, especially the tails. As I've said before - you are obviously very good in teaching others how to needle felt.:) Hugs!

Soozcat said...

Those chickens are simply beautiful!

Granny Sue said...

Love those chickens!

BumbleVee said...

Those look pretty darn good for a few hours work.....I haven't done any needle poking for ages.... must give it a go again sometime too.. seems I got out of it when I took up some stitchery classes and then...some little watercolour classes. Then...the reno got in the way...
When I did that long necked goose trying to emulate yours and you gave me lots of help with my questions and everything else as well...I felt as though I was in an online class with you... .... you could probably do some online classes.