Winter walk around the lanes

One of those frosty mornings when it is obligatory to venture out to explore. I've not had much time for walking recently, but the lanes and my camera were calling.

The air was thin and clean. Although it was late in the morning, the frost was still heavy.

 Crossing the clear river Cound, slow moving and icy.

Long shadows cast by the bright winter sun as we passed an old Regency farmhouse.

Then turning back up little 'Sandy Lane', a deep and old track still frequented by large tractors and lorries. But not today.

 Swans were quietly grazing in the thawing fields.

Before dropping down to the old converted  mill, and heading back to our own little cottage, nearby, which once upon a time might well have housed a labourer who worked at the mill when it was in use, over a hundred years ago.


Mac n' Janet said...

Happy New year Gretel may the next year bring you much joy.

Granny Sue said...

What beautiful images, Gretel. I so envy you those views. That old lane-the people and history that passed down it. I hope one day I will see England again. It's like coming home. Happy New Year to you and Joe!

Frances said...

Gretel, I am so glad that you took your cameral along for that frosty morning walk. The vistas through which you all walked are marvelous to see; the exercise the walk provided must have also been exhilarating ... in its own way.

A very Happy New Year to you and Joe. xo

jac said...

Wishing you a peaceful, happy and creative 2017 Gretel

Caroline B said...

Happy New Year Gretel! That first photo looks like one of your paintings!

Lin said...

Happy New year, Gretel! I am looking forward to hearing of your adventures and successes in 2017!

Jess said...

Happy new year Gretel! Your lanes walk makes me want to venture out. I get scared walking along lanes like this because of the traffic. I don't know what I'd do if a lorry came along that narrow one, maybe jump into the bank!😂😂 It looks beautiful where you live.xx

Linda said...

Beautiful photos, Gretel! Happy New Year and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)