Blackcurrant Jamminess

When Jean and Brian invited us to help ourselves to however many blackcurrants we wanted from their garden, it was the perfect excuse to delve into a new activity. I myself prefer making chutney (less faff, more fool proof), but Joe had a hankering to try jam making.

There were certainly plenty of currants, and within 20 minutes of concentrated picking, we had 3 kilos.

The thing with so many currants, is that there is a lot of fiddly de-stalking to be done. We didn't bother with taking the dried flowers off, because as we later discovered, they simply disappear in the boiling process. I mention this specifically, as I searched the internet for ages trying to find this fact out, with limited results. So if you're reading about this via a search engine - don't sweat about the tops, just try to remove as many of the little green stalks as you can, without your eyes going squiffy.

Then we unearthed an ancient old pan of mine (now officially the 'jam pan') and began cooking. Had I realised how simple jam making is, I would have taken it up years ago. And it makes the kitchen smell delicious!

I even managed to find some waxed jam discs which had been lurking in a box for Lord knows how many years. Sterilised jars were filled.

And the next day, suitable labels were made. All a bit home-made, but pleasing nonetheless.

Bread and jam has become a very acceptable and affordable meal. We're about to make our third batch.


Jess said...

Oh! The sight of that homemade jam is making me crave it! I used to make jam many years ago, very satisfying to do but I do end up eating far more than I would normally! I love your jars, to me it makes the jam taste even better with the home made look.
Jess x

Caroline B said...

Making jam is so easy and tasting summer fruit you picked yourself on your toast in deepest winter is the best! I've already stocked up this year, although still waiting to see just how many grapes we'll get. Love your labels!

Twiglet said...

Mmm - one of my favourites - makes great blackcurrant tea in the middle of winter if you stir a couple of spoonsful into very hot water. Great labels too.

Charlotte said...

They look wonderful. I love jam making, my bunch of philistines don't eat it though. Would give it away but all jam eating friends make their own.

Frances said...

Wowee kazawee Gretel...what a splendid bit of jamming!

I've never ever tried making anything like that...and it's been a very, very long time since I encountered any berry or other fruit picking opportunities. Looks like great fun.

The label design is top notch, too!

What a team you all make. xo

Barbara Prime said...

Black-current jam or jelly is so delicious. Once every few years, I get a tiny jar from my grandma, and I try to make it last as long as possible.

I grow red-currants in my garden, and made currant and quince jelly this year. The quince made for a richer flavour and brighter colour, than with just the currants, so I might have to make it that way from now on. (Jelly is definitely more work than jam, but worth the effort if you don't care for big seeds)

Acornmoon said...

I bet Joe's jam is the prefect accompaniment to Gretels' scones. And of course you had to pick the perfect Blackcurrant font to make the label. x

Vintage Jane said...

I have never made jam ... it scares me slightly for some reason! Love your labels.
M x

BumbleVee said...

Oh, YUM! Send Joe round to my place next please.... I still find jam intimidating...and, yet...I bake bread....go figure.

I love the labels!

Lin said...

I have never made jam...but I like to eat it. :)

Your jars and labels are perfection.

Chyfey said...

And theres nothing better then homemade Jam

Jackie said...

I love black currants. When we had bushes in our previous garden I used to freeze them for pies, and if you shake the bag of frozen berries, the flower bits drop off as they rattle against each other. But you might not want to freeze them specifically for this purpose! I like the sound of Jean and Brian and glad you are enjoying the small things in life.